MetricStream and CRSI to Simplify and Strengthen Enterprise-Wide NERC Compliance Management

Palo Alto, CA - 25 February 2014

Announcing the launch of a jointly developed next generation solution to help organizations strengthen compliance with NERC CIP and NERC 693 by combining best practices, content, and compliance management software in a single pre-packaged offering. 

MetricStream, a market leader in Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solutions, and Corporate Risk Solutions, Inc. (CRSI), a premier NERC compliance and security consulting firm, have announced the next generation of their NERC Compliance Management Solution. The solution is pre-configured to meet all of the demands and challenges of today's NERC regulatory environment. The solution is embedded with NERC CIP and NERC 693 regulations, risk and control libraries, control tests and procedures, and reporting templates, all of which can be mapped to organizational hierarchies and processes to build out a robust enterprise-wide NERC compliance program.

The solution streamlines the complete range of NERC compliance processes and automates manually-intensive workflows. Its integration with organizational systems such as threat and vulnerability scanners and asset management systems helps aggregate all of the critical data required to monitor compliance. Graphical dashboards and interactive reports enable real-time compliance tracking and analysis, and provide valuable insights that can be used to guide and support decision-making at the highest levels of the organization.

"Managing NERC compliance, alongside other key areas of focus such as complex customer demands, disruptive technological changes, and increasing cyber-security threats is a top challenge for every utility," said Joe Doetzl, Director, Special Projects at CRSI. "The CRSI and MetricStream solution minimizes the NERC compliance burden by bringing together the best and most comprehensive NERC compliance management tools, software, and content in one all-inclusive solution to simplify compliance, and help re-focus resources and time on other core business activities."

CRSI's knowledge and understanding of NERC standards and best practices is unrivaled in the industry, and MetricStream has forged a reputation as a leading GRC solution provider and innovator. Since their partnership was announced in June 2013, the two companies have leveraged their unique experience and expertise to offer customers a best-in-class NERC Compliance Management Solution with embedded NERC compliance best practices content, as well as rich capabilities for NERC compliance process design, physical and cyber asset management, compliance risk and control assessments, threat and vulnerability data integration, compliance reporting and analysis, and issue investigation and remediation.

"Many utilities are realizing that as they grow and expand their operations, it becomes more critical to have an integrated compliance and controls framework that can quickly adapt to today's changing regulatory landscape," said Brenda Boultwood, Senior Vice President of Industry Solutions at MetricStream. "MetricStream, along with our content partner Corporate Risk Solutions, is committed to offering our clients a fully equipped NERC compliance management solution that is rich in content and technology - both of which are essential in building a holistic, intelligent, and agile approach to NERC compliance."

CRSI and MetricStream will be showcasing their NERC compliance management solution at the NERC CIP Peer Sharing Event, hosted by CRSI and San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E). 

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