eOption Launches OptionsPlay® Ideas

Jersey City, NJ - 8 December 2014

Simplifying investment decisions and increasing self-directed investor engagement, OptionsPlay® Ideas is available on eOption's implementation of the Scivantage Investment™ Platform 

eOption, a division of Regal Securities, an established broker-dealer for over 30 years with offices throughout the country, announced today that it has added OptionsPlay Ideas to the eOption platform, further providing innovative and intuitive trading tools to its self-directed clients. Through the addition of OptionsPlay, which bundles multiple tools and techniques into powerful and easy-to-use solutions for investors of all levels, eOption is able to increase its engagement with the self-directed investor segment, fueling client acquisition and raising overall retention rates for the institution.

“eOption is excited to be the first online broker to launch OptionsPlay as a free service to our clients,” said Shawn Herrin, eOption Chief Operating Officer. “OptionsPlay’s unique set of tools is designed with the objective of enabling our clients to better optimize income opportunities, learn new trading strategies and manage risk associated with existing portfolios.“

Powered by innovative analytics, intuitive visuals and natural language processing, OptionsPlay Ideas aims to transform the investors’ market data research process. By providing data-driven results, OptionsPlay allows for more intelligent trading decisions that lead to the goal of optimal returns.

“As investment decision making expands into more self-directed channels, banks and brokerages such as eOption need more tools that enable active investors to effectively gather and retain assets in a highly competitive market,” said Mark Engelhardt, OptionsPlay CEO. “OptionsPlay Ideas seeks to simplify investment decision making by providing investors with a unique visualization of unbiased technical and fundamental equity analysis that enables them to identify trading opportunities, as well as execute on previously complex investment strategies. Its intuitive layout makes it easily accessible to qualified investors, including those with limited options trading experience.”

Through the OptionsPlay Ideas solution, eOption now offers a wide array of unique capabilities for users to leverage, while aiming to maximize potential returns, including:

  • Daily Trade Ideas: based on objective technical and fundamental equity analysis
  • Proprietary OptionsPlay Score: aims to streamline the evaluation of risk and reward, probability of profit, and breakeven price of every trade
  • Natural Language Processing: trade signals and supporting technical data are presented in plain language terms
  • Trading Strategy Checklist: evaluates any stock or option order instantly, in order to justify and support the strategy against complex market conditions
  • Trade Strategy Visualization: allows investors to compare any three trading strategies for any stock with ease
  • Seamless Integration into any Brokerage Platform, including the Scivantage Investment™ Platform: features pre-fill order tickets or flexible API delivery options

Recognizing the tremendous impact OptionsPlay can have on investor activity, Scivantage®, a Global FinTech 100 technology provider of information-enabled software dedicated to transforming complex information and processes into intuitive user experiences for the financial services industry, has integrated OptionsPlay Ideas into the Scivantage Investment Platform. eOption was able to leverage their existing Scivantage Investment Platform to quickly and efficiently implement OptionsPlay Ideas for their eOption investors.

“Banks and brokerages need to differentiate themselves and not only engage the institutional clients but also find a way to capture and retain the assets of the influential retail investors, as that segment is continuing to grow,” said Cameron Routh, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development at Scivantage. “By adopting the OptionsPlay Ideas platform, firms benefit from investors increasing their trading orders, which will in turn result in a more profitable environment for their brokerage business.”

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