Enhanced Professional Tax Preparation Software for the 2014 Tax Season Released by Wolters Kluwer, CCH Small Firm Services

Kennesaw, GA - 4 December 2014

ATXTM and TaxWise® deliver increased functionality that drives tax compliance, productivity, and efficiency 

Wolters Kluwer, CCH Small Firm Services has enhanced its ATXTM and TaxWise® software solutions for the 2014 tax season to deliver robust compliance-focused capabilities, improved workflow efficiency and extensive research tools to help preparers streamline tax return preparation.

“Professional tax preparers count on Wolters Kluwer, CCH Small Firm Services’ solutions to drive accuracy and efficiency during their busiest time of the year,” says Jason Marx, President of Wolters Kluwer, CCH Small Firm Services. “Our product teams and tax analysts have listened to customer needs and stayed closely connected to legislative changes. Our 2014 tax season solutions deliver the expanded, robust functionality our customers need to service their clients with compliance-focused confidence.”

From the high-volume firms that use TaxWise to small practices and solo practitioners who use ATX, professional tax preparers will take advantage of the following enhancements:


“The seasonal workload compression combined with ever-changing and increasingly complex tax laws can create barriers for professional tax preparers to grow their business,” says Kerri Gibson, Vice President and General Manager, Small Professional, for Wolters Kluwer, CCH Small Firm Services. “We’ve focused ATX on maximizing efficiencies during preparation by streamlining data-entry processes in the most complex areas of the tax code and increasing automated data flow. We’ve also built in on-demand research capabilities that give tax preparers access to the most current laws, rulings and other reliable information—without exiting the software.”

Streamlined User Interface: The user interface has been redesigned so it is more intuitive and reflects deep insight into how ATX customers work. A simplified and increased data flow process gives preparers the ability to complete more tax returns within the same amount of time.

Smart Product Releases: This new and innovative release system continuously delivers product updates as customers need them. This capability makes the often arduous, time-consuming process of updating software a non-event—workflow is not hindered, and preparers can be confident the software is current.

Real-time Communications Channel: A central contact center gives preparers access to what they need to know immediately during tax season with fewer interruptions. This functionality helps the preparer remain focused on client delivery—and simultaneously up-to-date on crucial information. A preparer can manage the workflow of multiple clients in a streamlined way.

Built-in Research: The 2014 tax season software simplifies access to research and provides more extensive content, such as a new integration with the Master Tax Guide Reference Book, interpretations and line-by-line explanations at the point of need.


“Professionals who employ TaxWise for their 2014 tax business will immediately notice time-saving benefits and enhanced convenience that continues through the software experience,” says Shannon Bond, Vice President and General Manager of Commercial Services for Wolters Kluwer, CCH Small Firm Services. “We have also expanded user accessibility to the highly in-demand TaxWise Online cloud-based solution through expanded multi-browser compatibility.”

New Configuration Assistant: Upon launch, this new set-up wizard walks users through a screen-by-screen process to configure their software—including adding and managing users; establishing printing options; choosing carry-forward settings from previous years; and entering default information for all returns. The new Configuration Assistant helps tax preparers spend their time servicing their clients—not setting up software.

Enhanced Managed Returns Grid: An improved Managed Returns grid gives more flexibility in how preparers view, track and report on their clients—and helps them better manage their overall workflow. With a new Return list, users can select the data elements they want to see on screen and export them to Excel or .csv files. They can also now drag-and-drop the order of columns; filter data based on column value; set and track return stage from within the list; and more.

Google Chrome Compatibility: To keep pace with growing demand, TaxWise Online is now compatible with Google Chrome. TaxWise Online is the secure, cloud-based solution that gives preparers the ability to work from anywhere with an Internet connection. It offers the same speed of entry as TaxWise, as well as automatic updates and is supported by the most popular Internet browsers.

Strengthened Research Capabilities

The Affordable Care Act is a top concern for preparers this year, and an extensive research library has been added to help dissect the intricacies of the largest tax code change since 1986.

CCH IntelliConnect: Preparers have access to the powerful platform that bridges the gap between tax preparation and research, as well as increased compliance content and efficiency-driving features.

ACA Library: Tax preparers can access an extensive ACA Library that helps navigate the complexities of the Affordable Healthcare Act—including tax briefings, research aids, client letters and more.

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