Carglass optimizes repair service with ORTEC and Sigmax

15 December 2014

Working out of its 58 workshops and through its mobile service the 350 Carglass fitters provide expert repair and replacement of vehicle windscreens every day of the week. To facilitate rapid service to customers nationally, Carglass digitized its service planning system and work order forms using Field Service Suite from ORTEC and Sigmax. 

Getting customers back on the road quickly takes top priority at Carglass. “If your windscreen shatters, you want it fixed as soon as possible”, according to Joep Jagtman, Operations Performance Manager at Carglass Netherlands. “Alongside our workshops, we provide a mobile service so that our customers can have the repair done where it's convenient for them, whether that's at home or at work. Mark Mes, Performance Implementation Specialist at Carglass, adds: “To ensure we are able to provide a rapid service, we implemented Field Service Suite, in which all orders are scheduled one day in advance from six planning centers, where in the past this was done manually at each workshop.” Jagtman explains: “We assign jobs to our fitters using a smartphone on which the Field Service Suite mobile software runs. If a new job comes in, it's a simple matter to dispatch the closest fitter to do the repair using the appropriate digital work order. The fitter enters all the information digitally on the smartphone. This all adds up to time saved, so that we can help more clients in the same time.”

Optimized planning
Planners specify in the Field Service Suite planning system when fitters are available over the coming weeks and whether they are based at the workshop or with the mobile service, and the system will then use this information to work out the schedule. The planners check the schedule every day at 16.00 for the following day and, where necessary, will make changes manually, such as re-assigning a job to another fitter. In addition to this, new jobs come in throughout the course of the day, either online or by telephone. Based on the type of vehicle, registration number and location, the software will then automatically propose several appointment options. Once the customer has decided on a location, day and time, the job is created in the ERP system at Carglass and the schedules will be updated for the workshop and fitter.

Fully equipped for the road

Fitters are able to use their smartphone to check their jobs for the day and what materials they need, as well as to record travel times and to take photographs as evidence of the damage. “We will send the photographs to the insurance company together with the invoice”, explains Mark Mes. The fitter will then discuss the work with the customer and advise them on what needs to be done. Providing everything is in order, the customer adds their signature on the smartphone to give their go ahead and the fitter will start work. Once complete, he enters the materials he has used and Field Service Suite immediately calculates what the customer has to pay. The fitter will then print out a receipt for the customer and notify the job as complete on the smartphone. The ERP system and the planning board are updated at the same time. “The big advantage here is that all the details are available on the system as soon as the work order is notified as complete. This allows us to start the process of invoicing insurance companies sooner”, according to Mes.

Even more efficient planning in the future

Carglass is currently carrying out a study with ORTEC to identify ways to schedule jobs even more efficiently. Mark Mes explains: “At the moment time sometimes get wasted between appointments, with quarter of an hour or half hour gaps. We would like to iron out these gaps and tighten up appointment scheduling. Joep Jagtman adds: “Research among our customers shows that 40% prefer an appointment in the morning, 20% over lunchtime and 40% don't mind. We are now considering ways to encourage customers to choose a specific time slot so that we can spread jobs more evenly over the day.”

What is Field Service Suite?

Field Service Suite optimizes the business processes of field service organizations and is a joint solution of ORTEC and Sigmax.

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