UBS Wealth Management Americas Introduces Innovative Educational Portal for Equity Compensation Plan Participants

New York - 30 April 2014

UBS Wealth Management Americas, a division of UBS AG, today introduces the Knowledge Center, a new personalized online portal that provides education on equity awards and access to financial planning advice, to corporate employees in the U.S. and in many countries throughout the world who participate in equity compensation plans. The Knowledge Center is available through UBS One Source, a website for equity plan participants to view consolidated account information, as well as model and transact equity awards.

"The Knowledge Center is the result of a yearlong development effort that combined significant research into the educational needs of plan participants, with best practices in adult learning preferences," said Michael Barry, Head of UBS Equity Plan Advisory Services (EPAS). "We share our clients' goal of having employees truly value their equity awards."

The portal comes as the business continues to execute against a multi-year road map for enhancing both corporate and participant facing technologies to evolve and improve service to clients and the industry.

A personalized approach to education

The Knowledge Center contains a broad range of materials tailored to individual needs. The information is personalized to each participant by award type, experience with awards, level of financial knowledge, life stage and financial concerns. While the full array of educational materials is available to all participants, the personalized sections recommend features based on the participant's needs and interests.

“As investors, we have information from many sources to sort through, and it helps greatly to have useful content right in front of us rather than having to dig for it," says Dan Ferretti, a compensation operations manager for one of EPAS's long-standing Fortune 500 clients. "The first time you go to the Knowledge Center, you answer a few simple questions to create your profile, and then content that is most relevant to your needs is prominently displayed and easy to find.”

Through partnerships with subject matter experts, UBS created fact sheets, guides, and more on a variety of topics, ranging from the basics of what each type of equity award entails to how equity can be used to reach goals—such as saving for retirement or funding a child's education—and the role equity can play during different life stages. In addition to articles and other reading materials, the Knowledge Center also includes multimedia content, such as videos and podcasts.

Dynamic education to drive perceived value

UBS released the Equity Award Value Index late last year as a way to measure how participants perceive the value of their equity compensation. The way participants perceived the value of equity awards is directly proportional to the number of vestings they have experienced. The Knowledge Center offers relevant education on demand, which will help participants understand the real value of their awards faster, accomplishing corporate clients' goals of building and retaining talented and loyal workforces.

A leader in participant education and equity plan administration

UBS Equity Plan Advisory Services received high ratings in participant education and support in the 2013 Group Five Stock Plan Administration Satisfaction Survey and ranked first in educational content for participant website among partial administration clients.* UBS has more than 155 corporate clients and over one million participants. The Knowledge Center on UBS One Source is available to all U.S.-based participants; the international version currently offers education about the fundamentals of equity awards.

*The Group Five 2013 Stock Plan Administration Satisfaction Study includes ratings from 836 plan sponsors, representing 2,497 plans, on their satisfaction with outside plan administration services and commercial stock plan administration systems. The study was conducted from May 15 to July 12, 2013.     

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