Sibos 2013: Technology Forum Preview – Bridging the gap between tech and business

5 September 2013

Many of the 7,000 delegates at the Sibos 2013 trade show running 16-19 September in Dubai, UAE, which bobsguide will be live blogging from, will naturally be interested in technology and gravitate towards the Technology Forum in conference room 3 at the Dubai World Trade Centre venue, explains Karel De Kneef, SWIFT’s head of customer support services in this preview blog. Covering the opening two days of the show on 16-17 September, the Technology Forum features keynote speakers Suresh Kumar, chief information officer (CIO) at BNY Mellon and his CIO counterpart at Commerzbank, Stephan Mueller, plus the CIO at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Bill Pappas; the head of payments at JP Morgan, Nigel Hayward; chief technology officer (CTO) at CLS, Sankar Aiyar; and many others.

The aim of the Sibos 2013 Technology Forum in Dubai, UAE, is to take a look at how technology is changing the way that the financial services industry is conducting its business and to provide an overview of how tech systems and architectures can and should be deployed by financial institutions (FIs).

When a technical innovation becomes a new trend, FIs must learn how to adapt and leverage that technology for their business, while being aware of the potential risks, integration, reporting and resiliency challenges. The Sibos 2013 Technology Forum on 16-17 September will address these topics, share best practice tips and provide a forum for technology-related debate. It is intended to help technologists and non-techies meet and learn from each other, and to help bridge the gap between technology departments and the business to everyone’s mutual benefit.

Issues up for debate include big data, cloud computing, mobile banking, cybercrime and the mobile workforce, among much else and attendees should theoretically be able to walk away from the presentations having learnt how to apply practical strategies to ensure the smooth integration of new technology trends into their everyday business operations.

Selected highlights of the Sibos 2013 Technology Forum include:

Big data: when analysed effectively, this can drive innovation, growth and competitiveness at FIs. The Tech Forum session on Monday 16 September at 9.30am entitled ‘Big Data: Big Deal’ will discuss the issue of how big data, allied with big, cheap computing power, can be harnessed to deliver valuable business intelligence (BI) and align customer needs, product and technology strategies.

Cloud Computing: TheCloud Control for Major Gains presentation on Monday afternoon at the Sibos Technology Forum will address what prevents cloud computing from being adopted whole-heartedly by FIs, covering security and control concerns, and look at the many different aspects of cloud computing from Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) through to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). What core functionality or systems can you successfully move to the cloud; where cloud computing fits into the business strategy; and how to manage it for maximum benefit and to meet regulation requirements, will all be debated during the session.

Cyber-crime: is still on the rise, so there is a need for banks to collaborate to keep the industry protected. In the Tech Forum session entitled Cyber - the battle continues, FI industry experts will examine how online and cyber-attacks are typically formulated, using distributed denial of service (DDoS) vectors and such-like and examples from the past year. The best methods of defence evolved in the last year will also be discussed.

Mobile banking:: This conclusion session on Tuesday afternoon 17th September at 4pm in conference room 3 of the Dubai World Trade Centre (WTC) venue will cover new mobile technologies that can improve the customer experience. It aims to provide ideas about how to use mobile technology to generate value by focusing on the user experience and on social media to attract new customers and keep existing ones.

For those keen to meet some of the speakers and attendees at the Technology Forum, but perhaps not able to be at all the presentations, there is Technology Networking lunch being held on Tuesday 17th at 12.30-2pm to help support the networking aim of the Forum. Attendees should pre-register via You can also follow the discussions on Twitter #sibos #techforum, or watch SibosTV on YouTube where some of the sessions are likely to appear.

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