Sibos 2013 Preview Blog: Innotribe tunnel provides path to innovation

10 September 2013

Ahead of the Sibos 2013 trade show organised by SWIFT in Dubai, UAE, on 16-19 September, Peter Vanderauwera, Co-Founder of Innotribe, the technology innovation initiative of SWIFT, talks us through the agenda for the tribe and the in-depth technology demonstrations and topics that will be discussed around the tribe’s campfire.

In its fifth anniversary year, Innotribe@Sibos, the innovation collective that will shortly be meeting at the Sibos 2013 trade show in Dubai, UAE, is taking a slightly different approach than in previous years by moving away from just presenting topics and ideas to actually building technological capabilities. There will still be the many memorable, highly-interactive, immersive learning experiences pertinent to the future of the financial services (FS) industry but this time there will be some end result projects as well.

The reality and speed of change in our industry requires new ways of thinking, so we at Innotribe intend to help you adapt, address and respond to situations that simply cannot be tackled using traditional linear thinking. It’s time to move beyond polarising conversations to provide a forum for critical dialogue, hopefully resulting in a richer set of tech choices and better business decision-making.

The Innotribe programme at this year’s Sibos trade show introduces the concept of ‘journeys’ as the defining theme. Just like the subway, underground, metro or whatever you call your transportation system, you can build your Innotribe@Sibos ‘journey’ along different tracks, depending on your level of technology expertise, interests, learning objectives and availability. See the map below to plan your schedule.

Figure 1: The Innotribe programme at Sibos 2013 (laid out in metro map form).

Source: SWIFT Innotribe.

The above metro map provides an overview of the different tracks and available sessions at Innotribe@Sibos. The ‘toolkits’ as I like to refer to them are practical sessions designed to help technologists and others learn new methods of thinking - in other sessions you’ll be able to apply these new techniques and ways of seeing in a practical manner. It’s your journey, so you can hop on and off the Innotribe train at specific switching stations of your choice. An overview of the available options follows …

The Value Track Stream During Innotribe@Sibos

The value track will explore different aspects of the discussions about obtaining value, addressing:

  • What is wealth beyond money?
  • Can everything be measured?
  • And are we even measuring the right things?
  • Can we valuate companies based on their intangible assets?

The Innotribe will look at different dimensions impacting traditional banking business models, assess their future and end with a life research project designed to crowdsource well-being and work out what makes happy customers.

Innovation Track

The innovation-focused sessions at Sibos’ Innotribe gathering aim to offer deep insights into what is happening in the technology and business world, offering different insights to the usual open v closed infrastructure debates, incremental v disruptive, and so forth in an attempt to illustrate open innovation techniques and procedures.

The track ends on Thursday morning, 19th September the final day of Sibos 2013, with a selection of ‘Power Talks’ designed to demonstrate how new players are already significantly disrupting traditional banking models and players. Some newcomer retail banks have totally outsourced their core banking provision, for instance, while others are responding to developments by launching their own mobile banking, payments and commerce apps. We’re not talking about the distant future here, or fringe operations, but core procedures and this is what’s happening right now so come and learn about it.

Startup Challenge 2013

The Innotribe Startup Challenge 2013 will showcase many of the new ideas, technologies and businesses that could disrupt the way FS firms work in the future. The aim of the Startup Challenge is to introduce the world's most promising fintech and FS startups to the senior financial executives that gather at Sibos and to the global community of financial institutions, venture capitalists, angels and influencers actively investing in innovation. It is the grand finale of Innotribe’s 2013 regional challenges in the Americas, Europe, Middle-East and Africa (EMEA) and Asia-Pacific with the overall winner announced at Sibos after these regional ‘eliminators’.

The nine winning regional startup competition winners and six innovators, selected from hundreds of interested candidates around the world, will compete at Sibos 2013 in front of a live audience and professional panel of judges for a cash prize of US$50,000. Sponsored by Invest NI, HP, Level39 and Sberbank, the Innotribe Startup Challenge 2013 should hopefully provide an overview of some of the exciting technology and business ideas that could transform FS in the future.

Big Data Track

The big data stream at Innotribe@Sibos 2013 will focus on the rise of so-called ‘big data’ - a trend that we’ve been monitoring for some time now as it gives the ability to interrogate huge volumes of data to find quick, useful information that can aid planning, customer services/attraction, reporting and a whole raft of other operational end uses.

People, businesses and devices are hyper-connected these days via highly pervasive networks, creating unimaginable amounts of information. If you can tap into the intelligence and insights buried in these networks to devise better strategies for growth it would truly be transformative.

Investigate how you and your organisation can derive new insights from all the structured and unstructured data that surrounds us via network analytics. Come to the Innotribe to find out how to combine big data, news streams, scenario thinking and network insights. What if you could use quantitative and qualitative network intelligence streams and combine them with scenario thinking to create real insights and possible early warning systems? How can we use these to improve risk management policies? All these questions will be examined by the tribe.

Practice Track (Toolkits)
The world has entered a level of complexity that cannot be addressed anymore by conventional, binary and linear thinking. We need new technology tools, capabilities and ways of thinking. These tools are about forecasting, assessing, and making decisions in different ways, ambitious design thinking with a focus on what needs to be achieved, and opening up richer ways of expressing concepts and product offerings via better visual thinking and presentation. Sessions labelled as ‘toolkits’ at Sibos 2013, in the practice track, are intended to give attendees practical sessions to really get ‘hands on’ experience of some of these new crowd-sourced or other ways of thinking.

The Innotribe Tunnel at Sibos 2013

Set just off the concord at the Sibos 2013 venue in UAE, which is the main thoroughfare between the exhibition and conference rooms at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), the Innotribe Space will be accessible through a long innovation tunnel. It is hoped this standalone tunnel will submerge you in a lively, cool, artsy atmosphere with a whole range of content linked to the sessions taking place in the Innotribe, stimulating ideas.

The tunnel will serve as a backdrop to various installations showing advanced applications such as augmented reality, context-aware spaces and much more. Each day will have a different theme using visuals, music and artistic styles to create unique atmospheres to incubate innovative thinking. We’ll have live performances of music and art installations, and during the breaks, you’ll be able to listen to short sessions, power talks, demos, an interactive museum, and visit learning stations.

Speaking slots in the innovation tunnel include presentations by Cisco, the Bitcoin Foundation, Allevo, PaySwarm, and Licuos. HP will also be presenting on cyber security and big data, while Citi will address innovative in practice with reference to the CitiDirect BE Mobile initiative from concept right through to delivery.

Culmination Track and Speakers

All of the various presentational tracks at the Innotribe gathering at Sibos 2013 ultimately lead to the same destination - the Innotribe Closing Plenary. This ‘campfire’ moment is intended to gather and share the key learnings from the week-long show; what we like and dislike, and which innovation and technology topics and ideas should be explored further.

To participate just come and visit us and hear from leading technology figures and speakers such as:

• JP Rangaswami, chief scientist, Salesforce.
• Kristoffer Lawson, co-founder and chief evangelist, Holvi.
• Vince Voron, vice president and executive creative director at Dolby Marketing Studio.
• Haydn Shaughnessy, co-author of ‘The Elastic Enterprise’.
• Daniel Erasmus, owner of the Digital Thinking Network.
• Dave Gray, author of ‘The Connected Company’.
• Neil Bartlett, chief technology officer (CTO) and head of development of risk analytics, IBM (Fellow).
• Mary Adams, founder of Smarter Companies.
• John C. Havens, founder of the Happathon Project.
• James Moed, client director, financial services design, IDEO.

• Bobsguide will be producing a daily show report from the Dubai World Trade Centre (WTC) venue on 16-19 September. See our Sibos 2013 preview blogs HERE

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