Arroweye launches EMV on-demand solution

8 October 2013

Arroweye Solutions has announced its new Europay/MasterCard/Visa (EMV) On-Demand solution at Money2020.

The card marketing and production partner aims to provide financial institutions with a more effective strategy to manufacture, personalise and fulfill EMV chip cards, with better cost control and more return on investment.

EMV On-Demand is an open-source, universal platform that provides flexible data integration and supports online and offline card authentication, as well as various cardholder verification methods.

It is powered by Arroweye's digital on-demand production platform, which requires no inventory management, with a card marketing technology that can create card fulfillment package in a matter of days.

Render Dahiya, chief executive officer at Arroweye Solutions, said: "For card issuers, the migration to EMV chip cards is filled with unknowns.

"From increased production costs to uncertainty about overall return on investment, it's no surprise issuers are apprehensive about transitioning their programs."

Arroweye was the first company to be approved by all four major networks to produce payment cards on-demand and is now approved by Visa and MasterCard for EMV on-demand card production.

By Claire Archer

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