Equinix Ad-IX Ecosystem Gains Global Momentum

Redwood City, CA - 7 October 2013

Customers include MediaMath, Casale Media, AdJuggler, BrightRoll and Rocket Fuel

Equinix Inc. (Nasdaq:EQIX), the global interconnection and data center company, today announced continued growth for its Ad-IX™ ecosystem, with more than 85 ad tech companies now represented. Since its launch in April, Equinix has added several noteworthy customers including MediaMath, Casale Media, AdJuggler, BrightRoll, and Rocket Fuel, among others.

Ad tech providers are increasingly looking to become part of the Ad-IX ecosystem to facilitate faster ad bidding and ad delivery. By offering direct interconnections between ad exchanges, demand side platforms (DSPs), data aggregators and all other parties involved in the ad bidding process, Equinix helps these businesses reduce average network latency down to sub-millisecond levels and gain more time for data analysis. Additionally, this helps ad buyers better calculate the value of the ad impressions at auction, and helps ad exchanges increase the bids per impression.

MediaMath, inventor of the demand side platform, turned to Platform Equinix’s global footprint to establish points of presence (PoPs) around the globe including New York, Chicago, Silicon Valley, Paris, Zurich, Hong Kong, Tokyo and São Paulo. These PoPs enable MediaMath to peer in these markets with a wide range of partners, from supply side platforms for inventory to data suppliers in order to improve its TerminalOne Marketing Operating System™.

Due to the programmatic nature of media buying in today’s market, MediaMath's demand for connectivity is extremely high. MediaMath required high interconnectivity to ensure a SLA of greater than 2,000,000 QPS (queries/sec) at sub-50ms across most channels for its TerminalOne Marketing OS. Previously this was an entirely manual process, which required engineers to manually locate partners in each market and arrange connectivity through existing mutual public exchanges or private interconnections. By leveraging the Ad-IX ecosystem, MediaMath has realized significant time and automation gains over its traditional method, reduced costs and increased transparency to its global peering process.

Casale Media, a supply side provider of online media and technology, assertively deployed in five Equinix data centers in Europe, Asia and the U.S. thus far this year including Amsterdam, Silicon Valley, Washington, D.C., Hong Kong and New York. The company works directly with premium media organizations with a focus on brand safety and control for advertisers and publishers.

The strength of Casale Media’s products such as Optimax®, the first real-time ad servicing and optimization platform with a self-perfecting algorithm at its core, and Index by Casale Media, the first fully transparent real-time bidding management technology, have been greatly enhanced through its interconnection with other businesses via Platform Equinix™. By deploying in multiple IBX® data centers, Casale Media has experienced significant month-to-month reductions in network costs.

In April 2013, BrightRoll launched VideoRTB+, the fastest real-time bidding (RTB) solution in the digital video advertising industry, which is available only inside Equinix data centers. BrightRoll achieved impressive gains by using the Equinix Ad-IX platform instead of public networks for its ad exchange traffic, including an 80 percent reduction in RTB network latency and a 10 percent reduction in average bid response times.

Additionally, BrightRoll worked with demand side platform (DSP) leader Rocket Fuel to test changes in ad response rates using VideoRTB+ instead of a public network connection. The companies measured a bid success rate improvement of 48 percent for video ad inventory buyers.

Equinix is sponsoring the upcoming BrightRoll Video Summit (BRVS) in Toronto on November 13.

Tom Craig, CIO, MediaMath commented: “Considering the large number of partners our TerminalOne users need to connect to and draw data from, deploying to the degree that MediaMath did in multiple Equinix data centers on four continents was absolutely the right decision. Our participation in Ad-IX has lowered latency and improved stability to existing partners, and lowered bills to our transit providers. Through Platform Equinix, we’ve discovered new partners and enjoyed more open lines of communication all around.”

Andrew Casale, vice president of Strategy, Casale Media commented: “Within the fast-paced world of Internet advertising, there is little margin for error. Our customers entrust us with speedy yet smart, on-brand purchasing. We pride ourselves on this crucial differentiator, which is also a key reason for our multi-regional presence in the robust Ad-IX ecosystem. Equinix was a natural fit for us and those who use our technology, and we’re looking forward to even greater synergies.”

Ben Lindquist, vice president, Technology, AdJuggler commented: “In today's highly competitive ad tech market, companies rely on access to the right mix of industry players and the technology to provide the low latency and speed needed to make successful bidding a reality — AdJuggler has found that Equinix's Ad-IX ecosystem is a great way to both. By directly connecting to other ad tech companies within the value chain, publishers and networks on the AdJuggler Platform can serve up RTB for video and mobile ads to maximize their yields.”

Jim Davis, senior analyst, 451 Group commented: “The ad-tech market is going through a metamorphosis analogous to the one seen with the financial exchanges in recent years where low-latency offerings became highly sought after to gain a competitive edge. In a similar fashion, the online advertising market is seeking out speed and performance, and the way to do that is to bring together disparate industry players in the ecosystem and connect them via the data center in a way that can improve the business of all the participants.”

Chris Sharp, general manager, Cloud & Content, Equinix commented: “Our customers in the online advertising space have a need to accelerate the pace of ad bidding and delivery; Equinix is actively helping to address that challenge in the Ad-IX ecosystem. We are committed to providing ad tech companies an efficient way to connect to the ad tech value chain in order to improve performance and generate revenue through more efficient and effective ad delivery.”

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