Armanta Secures Additional Patent

Morristown, NJ - 25 October 2013

Enhances Sandbox™ Scenario “What If” Capability

Armanta Corporation, which provides analytic technology that enables enterprise wide, self-constructed, current time analytics by users, today announced that it has been awarded the second in a series of patents tied to its Sandbox capability.

Armanta’s Sandbox delivers advanced “what if” scenario capability which provides users with the ability to query both standard and non-standard questions to anticipate and develop intelligent responses to a variety of conditions. The array of near-infinite questions can range from macro questions in political and economic events to industry trends and developments, to individual company concerns. The capability applies across a variety of industries including finance, media, insurance, banking, and health care.

The approved patent deals with the manner in which Armanta models the information to facilitate what-if, and relates to Armanta’s ability to perform massive scale data and calculation in seconds, executed in real time.

Said Peter Chirlian, Armanta CEO: “Industries and firms in uncertain environments can now account for both the complexity of the questions they face on a daily and strategic basis, and to get answers in seconds across huge source data and massive calculations. This gives them the advantage of developing rigorous responses based on genuine analytics. It is not simply about technology, but delivering the ability for users to embed their ideas and insights into analysis.”

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