InvestSoft Technology announces major release of TradePulse, a real-time, Web-based portfolio transaction and position management solution

3 May 2013

InvestSoft Technology, a provider of innovative investment accounting, security and portfolio management software, today announced a major release of TradePulse, a real-time transaction, tax-lot and position management solution.

TradePulse's predecessor has been in production for almost 15 years and has been integrated into several large scale investment systems. TradePulse was completely re-written in 2012 to take advantage of the latest service-oriented architecture and web technology.

In 2012, InvestSoft Technology implemented the new release of TradePulse to provide a solution for a large investment firm to create a state-of-the-art transaction, portfolio and performance management system. This project also utilized InvestSoft Technology's BondProbe API for fixed-income analytics and accounting, and InvestDB, InvestSoft Technology's proprietary enterprise database design.

Todd Roitfarb, InvestSoft Technology's global product manager, explained: "Our software development team has done an impressive job meeting the comprehensive goals in this effort to offer clients unparalleled flexibility and breath of functionality. This accomplishment sets us apart in being able to offer a truly flexible and robust web-based transaction and position management solution that can address the needs of today’s investment managers ".

TradePulse links directly to any trade order management system, schedules and processes corporate actions and maintains portfolio security and cash positions (in any currency) at both the tax-lot and position level, and on a settle- and trade-date basis. TradePulse integrates seamlessly with BondProbe, thus accessing fixed income and derivatives analytics for securities and portfolios, and providing extensive accounting calculations and much more.

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