CFN Services Launches Alpha Platform Direct Connect™

Herndon, VA - 20 May 2013

Key U.S. Financial Venues Mark Initial Deployments for CFN’s Managed, High Performance Direct Market Access and Raw Market Data Platform

CFN Services, a leading provider of managed automated trading enablement services, today announced the launch of Alpha Platform Direct Connect™, the company’s managed high-performance market access and market data platform. This integrated solution reduces the cost and complexity of market access infrastructure, while providing clients the lowest latencies possible enabling them to improve trading performance and profitability.

Leveraging its Alpha Platform™, the company’s private cloud for ultra-low-latency market data delivery and trade execution, Alpha Platform Direct Connect will provide lowest latency, direct market access and raw, full depth-of-book market data feeds via strategic relationships with major exchanges. Alpha Platform provides clients the direct connections to the exchanges they need through a combination of fiber and wireless networks ensuring highly efficient data delivery at the guaranteed lowest latency.

“More and more, firms trading in global markets require increased performance in their market access infrastructure to ensure best order routing and trade execution,” said Mark Casey, CEO, CFN Services.
“As budgets continue to tighten, clients seek more efficient solutions to obtain what they need without sacrificing performance. CFN’s Alpha Platform Direct Connect enables algorithmic traders, proprietary traders, hedge funds and technology providers to obtain the premium market data and market access they need to support their dynamic, low-latency trading strategies, while instituting a simplified and cost-effective solution.”

Debuting in leading U.S. markets, Alpha Platform Direct Connect’s managed platform enables clients to:

• Significantly reduce market access and market data costs via shared economics;
• Improve trading performance through accelerated market data delivery and trade execution;
• Decrease data infrastructure and operating complexity via supplier consolidation;
• Scale operations quickly and affordably while flexibly accommodating changing trading strategies; and
• Maintain performance standards through CFN’s continuous monitoring and technology refreshes.

Alpha Platform Direct Connect strengthens CFN’s existing Alpha Platform capabilities - furthering the company’s commitment to providing solutions that deliver the high performance and cost-savings required for today’s financial markets.

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