Push Technology and Telefónica Announce First Global High-Performance Cloud Solution

London - 29 April 2013

Customers can overcome the challenges of the internet to deliver high performance cloud services with less bandwidth and fewer servers at reduced costs all while improving data quality

Push Technology and Telefónica Digital today announced they will offer the first, high performance, scalable data distribution solution from the cloud to any device. Push Technology’s smart data distribution technology, Diffusion™ combined with Telefónica Digital’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) allows customers to address the challenges of bandwidth, infrastructure and redundant data to reduce costs and increase revenue.

Sean Bowen, CEO, Push Technology said, “Cloud service providers are operating a utility model to promote the benefits of lower CAPEX and scale. The problem is these cloud service providers are not addressing the challenges of the internet i.e. bandwidth and network availability so regardless of the services in-house, the delivery can become a quality of service nightmare. Telefónica, however, is different. Working with Telefonica Digital, Push Technology is now able to offer a truly high performance cloud both internally and when data is in transit for customers to deliver differentiated services to end-users.”

Using Telefonica Digital, Push Technology can offer customers IaaS that uses less bandwidth and supports multiple endpoints with few servers. The right data can also be supplied in real-time, removing redundant data from the network which can affect quality of service and add unwanted and unneeded cost to the end-user.

Professor Peter Cochrane, Cochrane Associates Co-Founder, said, “The digital world is one of instant gratification. Mobile operators are struggling to remove the variable latency between thumb and eye. In this regard, Push Technology offers a unique solution for the cloud and applications on the move where mobile bandwidth and connectivity are always uncertain.”

Tim Marsden, Director of Cloud, Telefónica Digital said, “This agreement creates an entirely new method of building mobile and Web services more in line with the requirements of businesses to stay competitive though super optimized cloud performance. Combining both Telefónica’s cloud platform with Push Technology’s real-time data distribution solution addresses performance, scalability and efficiency to deliver performance.”

Lee Cottle, Senior VP of Global Alliances & Business Development at Push Technology said, “Organizations need to support today’s applications that require exponentially more data, often involving real-time information with unpredictable user demand. The go-to solution for cloud service providers is to scale using more infrastructure. Instead, working with Telefónica Digital and Push Technology, customers will be able to scale without a costly infrastructure investment, instead distributing data more intelligently,” continued Cottle.

“All clients have peaks and troughs – our financial services clients are extremely busy during the week, whereas for our gaming clients the weekends are astronomically busy,” said Cottle. “With our technology, peaks and troughs are handled seamlessly. Combined with Telefónica Digital, we can now offer our speed and scalability in the cloud, supporting organizations to reduce IT costs and the burden on the network, while extending their reach globally. The end result is a 100% connected experience with the end user – all at low cost.”

Businesses now have a truly optimised cloud solution for mobile, Web and M2M applications that will reduce the amount of data used by end users to drive applications. With most services moving to mobile and web application, this joint proposition offers future customers a solution to deliver high performance applications in real time at low cost.

Push Technology and Telefonica Digital will offer new customers the first ten terabytes of data free as a result of the partnership.

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