BT Ethernet Connect Brings High Performance Network Services to Brazil and Mexico

7 March 2013

With BT Ethernet Connect, multinational organisations benefit from higher performance and improved security for cloud services and for traffic between their sites in Brazil and Mexico

BT today launched Ethernet Connect in Brazil and Mexico, bringing cost effective high bandwidth network services, improved application performance and optimized delivery of cloud services to public and private organizations expanding in those countries.

Ethernet Connect is BT’s family of Ethernet VPN services, which allows for combining different types of connection to build the best possible network for each organisation. BT Ethernet Connect services currently cover more than 40 countries around the world and are expected to reach over 50 countries by the end of this year, including Chile, Colombia and Argentina.

Ethernet Connect helps customers maximise performance and flexibility across their infrastructure. The customer selects the access speeds he requires and chooses the most appropriate level of support. With Ethernet Connect’s adaptive building blocks, every organisation is then able to set up the ideal system to meet its requirements, adding more features when needed. BT Ethernet Connect services can scale up and down, remaining cost-effective since the customer only pays for the used capacity. And the client stays in control, managing service orders through a safe online portal.

BT Ethernet Connect comprises two elements:

  • Etherway access over copper or fibre, connecting the customer site to the network point of presence with a range of resilience options;
  • Ethernet Virtual Connection (EVC), which is end to end services between customer sites, allowing for choices of service types, speeds and classes of service for each virtual connection. With BT Ethernet Connect organisations have the flexibility to create different networks and combine them to build the network they want. Services can be configured as:
    • Ethernet Private Lines - point-to-point private circuits
    • Ethernet Virtual Private Lines - hub and spoke and mesh networks
    • E-Lan (Virtual Private LAN Services) - any to any connections

Jacinto Cavestany, vice president Iberia & Latin America, BT Global Services, said: “We believe that BT Ethernet Connect services will help national and multinational organisations in Brazil and Mexico to boost efficiency and productivity. Our domestic market shows an increasing appetite for secure bandwidth and connections in order to respond to the requirements of cloud services and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies.

“There is also a growing demand to respond to new networking challenges such as the exploding pressures on local area and wide area networks to handle big data workloads. In the 21st century, Ethernet and IP (Internet Protocol) coexist in corporate networks, complementing each other to meet different requirements, with services delivered through a single global MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) platform”.

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