Gresham Computing implements transaction and cash control solution for Giveall2charity

London - 6 March 2013

Gresham Computing plc, a leading provider of transaction control solutions, announces that it has implemented a transaction and cash control solution for Giveall2charity (Giveall), a new, online, commission-free giving service launched in 2013.

Gresham has extensive expertise in implementing transaction and cash control solutions. At Giveall, Gresham has integrated the Barclays IFS Banking and Faster Payment platforms into the Giveall online fundraising and Giveall Payroll Giving platform – allowing Giveall to receive, control and manage the transactions and cash associated with fundraising activities. The solution automatically creates a Giveall online bank account for every charity and non-profit organisation user that registers with Giveall. These accounts operate seamlessly and quite separately from the users' regular bank accounts. Donors can accumulate funds in their donor accounts and incur no transfer charges on distributions made to charities.

A key selling point of Giveall’s business model compared to other giving platforms is that there are zero transaction costs, necessitating an efficient and effective handling of transactions. Gresham’s implementation of Barclays IFS provides significant straight-through reconciliation (STR) and control advantages for Giveall. The software eliminates the need for re-keying and other high-cost, manually-intensive operations while increasing overall control so that Giveall can manage transactions and cash in the most efficient way possible, while providing complete transparency.

“We believe that nobody should be making money from the giving of others. Donors have the right to expect their donation to reach the charity or good cause of their choice without others removing commission or unnecessary transaction fees,” explains Tim Odell, CEO, Giveall2charity. “To deliver this service in the most cost effective way it is essential that we have the right software in place. We are delighted to be partnering with Gresham via our bank to help achieve this.”

“We’re thrilled to be supporting Giveall as they launch their online commission-free giving service across the UK,” said Chris Errington, CEO, Gresham Computing. “We are implementing technology that brings significant transaction control benefits as well as providing straight through reconciliation, assisting Giveall in achieving their strategic goals.”

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