Excelian launch the HPC benchmark, a closer look to technology trends in banks in 2012

London - 18 March 2013

Grid technology suits investment banking for a variety of reasons: its commodity nature gives ease of management and scalability; its ability to run on a variety of operating system platforms and thus accommodate existing code and services; its straightforward programming model (as compared to more specialist High Performance Computing (HPC) technologies) and its strong service management capabilities.

In 2012, some of UK’s leading banks took part in our study at how mature their management of high performance computing environments are within their organisations. Based on Excelian’s maturity model that encompasses elements on enterprise readiness, resource utilisation, middleware maturity, operating model and SLA/cost model, the study grades each participants when compared to an ideal situation where the HPC environment is fully commoditised and shared at the enterprise level.

This benchmark also gives a good understanding of market trends in terms of HPC technologies.

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