Risk-Quant Sourcing - UnRisk packages its flagship solution with its development tools

Linz, Austria - 13 March 2013

UnRisk has announced that it will take a bundled version of its UnRisk FACTORY and UnRisk-Q to financial institutions for advanced, customized risk management.

Manage Risk While You Are Sleeping

UnRisk FACTORY is at version 4. It supports all new deal types and features of UnRisk-Q version 6 - inflation- and commodity linked products with hybrid constructions and a vast variety of contract features, an enhanced VaR Universe and even more high-level task building and automation.

FACTORY customers enjoy its broad coverage, integrated valuation and data management, fast time-to-productivity, low cost of ownership, and automation with an enormous throughput - empowered by UnRisk’s blazingly fast, inherently parallel engines that can be utilized by scheduled tasks. Users set up a schedule for, say, managing the market data and run various analytics of instrument groups across scenario groups - over night.

The purpose of such scheduled tasks may be: instrument building and testing, model validation, advanced risk management processes with stress tests, comprehensive VaR calculations, back testing, benchmarking,

Customize and Integrate As You Want

With UnRisk-Q, UnRisk has unleashed the programming power behind UnRisk solutions. To empower risk-quants to aggregate and analyze the massive output the FACTORY calculates untiringly, UnRisk provides tools in UnRisk-Q's high level programming front-end that links to the FACTORY data base.

From today, UnRisk FACTORY and UnRisk-Q will be offered as bundle - configured for a networked pool of cores starting with 40 computational kernels computing in parallel.

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