Aia Software Goes Mobile

11 March 2013

The first mobile app of Aia Software was released at the end of last year. The app has been developed for textblock approval – to accept changes in text documents. This is an important step in the strategy of Aia and the first in the series of apps that Aia would like to make, with customized apps for a specific task to be developed. For stakeholders it’s easier to do their job and influence the process. This form of stakeholder self-service is an important element in the strategy.

More people are now performing tasks quickly and easily via their mobile phone, this app allows you to perform ITP related tasks at any time and any place. This app is the first in a series of apps. Every app is designed and optimized for one type of job. The app and the task is reduced to its essence: do one thing and do it well. The app has been demonstrated for partners. On 25th October was the UK customer day and partners got the chance to work with the app, which led to many enthusiastic responses.

The app can be used in combination with the existing client for the repository. The app is fully developed in html 5 and runs on Android, iOS, Windows and all other platforms that support html 5. Customers can host the app itself. This will soon be available for download from the website.

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