New White Paper: "Outsourcing Reference Data Management: Opportunities for Cost Reduction and New Revenue Sources"

Vienna - 6 June 2013

AIM Research Lab has released a new white paper discussing the trends and opportunities around outsourcing in reference data management. Available for free download, this paper illustrates the case of two financial firms which turned their enterprise data management initiative into a new source of business growth.

The past 12 months has seen the emergence of new players offering Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services for Reference Data Management. These new arrivals expand the range of options available to financial institutions for addressing the challenges of regulatory compliance, operational cost reduction and scalability.

But BPO has other benefits, and innovative adopters have benefited from using the model to create new value-added services. By catering to clients' data management needs, these players have been able to transform what's traditionally been considered a cost center into a new and significant source of revenue.

This research paper illustrates the case of SIX Financial Information and Bank Vontobel which turned their internal enterprise data management initiative into a foundation for business growth.

Published by AIM Research Lab, this paper can be downloaded for free from the AIM Software website.

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