GT Software Launches New Migration & Modernization Assessment Service

Atlanta, GA - 4 June 2013

The assessment helps mainframe-based organizations evaluate the benefits, costs and risks of platform migration or implementation of more agile solutions.

GT Software today announced a new service the company is offering to organizations interested in modernizing their legacy mainframe systems or migrating select applications to a more agile, distributed architecture. Developed in partnership with EZLegacy, a global market leader in application and measurement, GT Software’s Migration & Modernization Assessment leverages the expertise of both companies in migration strategies and applications analysis.

“With the rapid growth of web, mobile and cloud applications today, organizations face critical decisions about how best to align legacy systems with their growing distributed environments. In doing so, they also need expert guidance about how to get from where they are to where they want to be,” states Eric Nelson, President at GT Software.

GT Software’s Migration & Modernization Assessment can help organizations:

  • Gain clear visibility into infrastructure, application and program level components and interdependencies, and provide a flowchart on code logic down to the single variable level.
  • Evaluate the technical challenges, as well as the level of effort and risk associated with migrating workloads to a distributed architecture.
  • Determine the expected migration or modernization opportunity and financial benefits.

“The report and recommendations resulting from this in-depth analysis, measurement and assessment process gives organizations the information they need to make informed decisions,” Walter Sweat, Director of Migration Strategy at GT Software, adds. “Our experience working with clients has taught us there is no substitute for 360-degree visibility and fact-based technical information on which to base decision making. And that is exactly what our Migration & Modernization Assessment delivers.”

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