DealHub Launches Regulatory Archive and Investigation Solution

London - 26 June 2013

DealHub (Option Computers Ltd) announced today the launch of DealHub Smart Reporting Archive, a powerful solution for the storage and investigation of all trade reporting data and interactions, designed to ensure that market participants stay on top of regulatory requests and obligations in multiple jurisdictions.

The solution creates a regulatory data warehouse, mirroring all data held by trade repositories, as well as a complete history of the reporting lifecycle of each trade. A powerful user interface provides a real-time dashboard of reporting activity, as well as fast and flexible searching of archive data for rapid trade investigations. The archive features extensible, multi-asset coverage and data is stored long term in a single silo, typically for ten years or more according to bank and regulator requirements. Users can annotate trade records and set up flexible alerts which can help resolve problems, such as message delays or missing data, before they cause more serious issues.

“Banks are faced with a daunting task to implement a raft of complex new workflows to meet reporting and clearing obligations in all regions.” said DealHub CEO, Peter Kriskinans, “During the lifecycle of a trade, dozens of messages are exchanged with trading venues, counterparties, trade repositories and clearing houses. When processes break, your data doesn’t reconcile with a counterparty, or a regulator comes knocking at the door, it can be very hard to get a clear picture of all the history and interactions related to a trade, involving hours or even days of investigations. DealHub’s Smart Reporting Archive makes this easy – and very quick. A simple search will bring up a full history of a trade and all related reporting and clearing events – and a few clicks can take you right to the underlying XML of a message so you can pinpoint any issues”

The archive is live at a number of banks, seamlessly integrated into DealHub’s Smart Reporting solution which handles all reporting workflow and messages, including the complex reconciliation of alleged trade messages with internal records required under Dodd Frank regulation in the US. The solution is also a natural extension of DealHub’s established STP and trading overview solution which already archives trading and pricing interactions for many of the world’s largest banks.

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