New Comarch Technology Review Magazine Available Now!

Krakow, Poland - 25 June 2013

The latest finance edition of Comarch’s Technology Review focuses on current trends of human interaction with technology. Apart from numerous articles and interviews, it includes information about recent implementations of Comarch’s solutions and interesting case studies.

"The latest issue of our magazine focuses on technological innovations and their application in the financial sector. We talk about mobility, virtual financial advisors, interactive interfaces, agile methodologies and the new black – gamification, i.e. game mechanics as a motivational tool. We also recommend the article ‘We Have to Stop Wasting Money’ by professor Janusz Filipiak, Comarch President and CEO, about research & innovation in Poland", underlines Anna Lik, Editor-in-chief of Technology Review. "We hope that the articles of our experts will encourage readers to apply some technological innovations in their companies and organizations".

Technology Review 2013 selected articles:

  • We Have to Stop Wasting Money by prof. Janusz Filipiak
  • Gamification – the New Black by Martin Kwilosz
  • Brett King – Banking Visionary and His New Born by Antoni Sikora
  • Comarch Smart Finance – Re-think Your Banking by Anna PÅ‚owiec-Wandas
  • Handling a Life Insurance Underwriting Process by Natalia Maszota
  • New Trends in Factoring Software by Krystian Suchodolski
  • Interactive Customer Approach by Agnieszka MolÄ™da

Comarch Technology Review (Finance edition) is a free magazine published by Comarch covering latest market trends and developments from banking, insurance and capital markets industries. You can download it or subscribe to the paper version via the Comarch Finance website. The archive editions of the magazine are also available to download.

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