University of West Scotland Gets a Handle on User Activity With Varonis DatAdvantage

London, New York and Paisley, UK- 19 June 2013

Varonis - the leader in comprehensive data governance software, today confirmed that the University of West Scotland (UWS) is using DatAdvantage. Scotland's largest modern university is using DatAdvantage for Windows to track and monitor which of its 2,000 users, across four campuses, are accessing its resources and what they are doing. As part of its ICT audit, it will use the solution to answer the fundamental question of who had access to its shared drives with a comparative degree of detail and granularity.

“We were introduced to Varonis about 18 months ago. At that time we simply were unable to monitor access activity on the shared drives and, following an internal audit, we knew this potentially introduced exposure risks to the network. Using the information DatAdvantage aggregates for us we’re now confident that we know exactly what is happening on our shared drives. This means that we can perform a full and thorough ICT audit of access activity which was previously impossible,” David Johnston, Assistant Director of ICT Support, explains. “When we first got Varonis in we weren’t really looking at the bigger picture. However, since using DatAdvantage, we realise it can do so much more than just audit user activity. We can now pinpoint exactly when a file was moved, deleted or renamed and who did it. This wasn’t something we knew we wanted, or even looked to resolve originally, but it’s a fantastic function.”

Using DatAdvantage, UWS aggregates its user and group details, ACL information and all data access events. This allows it to build a complete picture of who can and who is accessing data. It also leads IT to rightful data owners, so the right people can ensure appropriate access and usage. With the Varonis Data Classification framework, IT can immediately identify folders with excessive permissions that contain quantities of sensitive data.

David Gibson,VP at Varonis said, “UWS is still in the early stages of deploying DatAdvantage but it is already making a huge difference to its user visibility. Like many of our customers, it has only just scratched the surface and we will work with the UWS team as it starts to realise what else the solution can do. Identifying and removing stale data is next on its list of areas to realise, a huge task, but we can help them not only manage the job but to make it a simple process that can be easily maintained moving forwards.”

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