Bonaire Submits Patent for Charging Condition Matrix for Capital Markets Firms

New York - 18 June 2013

Dynamic, independent fee calculation tool allows capital markets firms to simplify rates and clearly label client fees

Bonaire Software Solutions, LLC, a leading provider of software solutions for asset managers, mutual funds and capital markets firms, has submitted a patent for its dynamic, patent-pending fee management system – Charging Condition Matrix (CCM). Designed for capital market firms, CCM is a simplified method for managing complex trading fee schedules and computing transaction fees. The technology is streamlined with REVPORT™, a leading revenue/expense management and fee billing software service.

For firms that compute trade-related fees (e.g. execution costs, commissions and settlement fees), the management of requisite systems and contracts to support the computations can be extremely difficult and costly. Built to answer the growing demand for increased transparency and lower operational costs, Bonaire’s CCM offers buy-side and sell-side firms complete control over transaction fees, both revenue or expense. Firms that once struggled with fees based on subjective liquidity measures, multi-legged options and obscure foreign exchange calculations can now manage and calculate all fees in one streamlined platform.

Bonaire’s CCM allows capital market firms to manage all vendor and client contracts in one homogenous structure, facilitating powerful analytics and forecasting. By digitizing rate agreements (typically in PDF format), CCM enables firms to uncover potential process improvements or efficiencies associated with post-trade costs. The Bonaire management service improves the following key elements: data capture, enrichment and import; invoice fee validation and reconciliation from broker and exchange vendors; and expense allocation to trading desks.

Chris John, CEO of Bonaire, states, “Patenting our capital markets solution for one of the biggest challenges facing firms today only further solidifies Bonaire’s expertise in the fee-management industry. Bonaire’s CCM transforms trading desks as firms now have highly valuable intelligence on what they are paying and to whom - a discovery that will save these firms thousands, if not millions, of dollars a year.”

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