J.P. Morgan Asset Management to Disclose Daily and Weekly Money Market Fund Liquidity

New York - 17 June 2013

Additional information follows money market fund daily market-based NAV disclosures

J.P. Morgan Asset Management's U.S. money market funds will begin disclosing their levels of daily and weekly liquid assets online each business day as of the prior business day, effective June 18, 2013. The information will provide investors with greater transparency, but there will be no change to the operation of the funds.

This liquidity disclosure is in addition to the money market funds' current practice of disclosing daily market-based net asset values (NAVs) per share, announced by J.P. Morgan Asset Management on January 9, 2013. The information can be found on the J.P. Morgan funds website.

"Providing investors with timely and easy access to daily and weekly liquidity information about money market funds helps investors develop a better understanding of how market movements impact liquidity fluctuations," said John Donohue, Chief Investment Officer, J.P. Morgan Asset Management Global Liquidity. "This will allow investors to make more informed decisions about their investments."

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