DataFluidics releases Reflex, changes the landscape of ultra-low latency data processing

New York - 11 June 2013

DataFluidics™, the innovative provider of ultra-low latency technology today announced the general availability of Reflex™, a revolutionary data processing platform for financial institutions. In increasingly fragmented markets where volume-driven automated strategies span time zones and hunt razor-thin windows of opportunities, modern trading desks can no longer be satisfied with the ability to make split-second decisions based on a single market data feed. Traders can no longer rely on single-exchange connectivity either. The new frontier of profitability dictates that advanced trading firms combine and analyze several data sources to reach a decision and instantly dispatch orders to multiple destinations. Yet many current infrastructures remain tied to legacy paradigms of single-input / single-destination whose performance dramatically erodes if multi-channel logic is retrofitted into them. Firms can no longer capture profits.

Reflex was built differently. The fruit of several years of cutting-edge research, Reflex leverages the latest architectural paradigms combined with field knowledge of founder and CEO Daniel Kopko at some of the largest and most profitable firms on Wall Street.

“Reflex was built on the tangible requirement to reshape the way firms process data in today’s trading landscape”, says Kopko. “For many years I observed how firms were prevented from enacting trading ideas because the legacy platforms their execution systems were built on could not accommodate the complex interwoven streams of analytics data and real-time prices which they required.”

Reflex is optimized to enable the combination and correlation of several streaming data feeds to produce composite decisions based on highly-advanced scheduling and processing rules. With reactions capable of achieving ultra-low latency of 1.6 microseconds (with a 99 percentile of 2.5 microseconds), Reflex sets a new standard for software-based solutions which can now directly compete with more expensive alternatives such as custom FPGAs.

“The financial industry is a critical juncture: as the markets recover, some firms will reap the profits of technological choices that will pave the way to substantial gains while others will be left behind”, says Kopko. “We are delighted to make Reflex available as a credible counterpoint to costly, intractable technologies.”

Reflex can be licensed stand-alone or through OEM agreement as embedded technology to enable ultra-low latency trading decisions. The technology can also be purchased or distributed by third-party firms.

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