Gaia Transparence position management software available for download in Alpha version

Paris - 10 June 2013

Open source solution for margining, delta CVA monitoring and the creation of user friendly front office tools

Gaia Transparence announces the release of an alpha version of its open source “Position Builder”. Two packages are available for download from the website; one package addressing IT and the other end user expectations.

What Gaia Transparence Position Builder brings?

It is a tool used by IT teams to create real time position monitors. It is designed to be embedded in front office and risk management front ends.
The source code is available.
It can be used to jump start an internal project or speed up an existing one. Its standard trade and market data interfaces make it non-intrusive. contains a preconfigured demo release for end users or IT wishing to play with the application without going through a full installation contains the full agent oriented solution

Who is it intended for?
Any IT team involved in front office, regulation or risk management projects such as:

  • Front office position monitoring
  • CCP margining forecasting and import
  • Delta CVA forecasting and hedging...

Tech savvy traders, risk managers or compliance officers concerned with the implementation of the new regulatory requirements

Why open source?
It is an alternative to “build or buy?”
“Building” a solution is expensive. “Buying” a closed product is often a lock up and can be expensive on the long term. We offer another approach: “build / contribute” and “mutualize enhancement costs”.

Why an alpha version?
Alpha is a preliminary version. Gaia Transparence wants to make sure the first major release perfectly matches customer needs. It hopes to partner with market participants to fine tune the solution.
Feedback is key to this project.

“We want our V1 to be exactly what our customers want. We have put aside a part of our development budget for this.” says Mr. Emmanuel Nusimovici – CEO.

Benefits and business model:

  • Software can be downloaded for free with the source code under an AGPL license. This license grants users the right to modify or enhance the source code at will.
  • Gaia will fund part of the requested enhancements.
  • V1.0 will be available under AGPL Q3 2013. The initial license will be free. Gaia will offer premium subscription for support and maintenance to live customers.

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