Beyond Your Device: Control, Connect, Experience

10 June 2013

BT launches integrated solution for large scale “Bring Your Own Device” deployments

BT announced today a set of solutions designed to help organisations reap the productivity gains promised by BYOD. BT’s integrated approach is designed to help CIOs deploy smart devices on a large scale while improving end-user experience.

Recent research BYOD research undertaken by Vanson Bourne for BT and Cisco in May 2013 reveals that exponential growth in the use of smart devices has led to significant and increased demand for bandwidth and services. As a consequence, a majority of users suffer from login delays and a performance decline in some applications, which impacts negatively the productivity gains promised by smart devices. This research reveals that ubiquitous Wi-Fi access over a better network is key to the development of BYOD. It also highlights overwhelming positivity among IT managers who believe that adopting a BYOD policy confers a competitive advantage.

BT’s BYOD approach provides the control, connect and experience features at the core of successful BYOD strategies. It leverages market-leading capabilities from the BT Connect portfolio of networking solutions and the BT Assure portfolio of security services and is supported by BT Advise professional services offerings.

A number of new services, products and features are being launched today, completing BT’s BYOD solution, including:

  • BT Advise BYOD Ready Infrastructure Quick Start: a new professional services offer, assessing organisations’ readiness and the impact of requirements on their WAN and LAN.
  • BT Advise BYOD Quick Start: a new professional services offer helping customers quickly identify the steps needed to minimise potential risks and assess how prepared an organisation is for the strategic introduction of smart devices and BYOD, from policy to implementation.

A suite of integrated solutions for CIOs:

  • New wireless LAN capabilities, including enhancement management, policy control and reporting. This includes enhanced guest Wi-Fi services giving CIOs greater visibility and control of guests, including their location, allowing for customised content delivery across company premises.
  • A new cloud based device management & mobile application management service, managing content and apps for users.
  • A new MobileXpress package offering secure remote access delivered from the Cloud from £5 per user/month.
  • Connect Intelligence for devices, a new service that gives central visibility of applications running on smart devices.

Neil Sutton, VP Global Portfolio, BT Global Services said: “Through our recent research surveying IT managers and users working in major companies all around the world, it has become very clear that BYOD productivity gains are only reaped if network services can cope securely with the extra load. Great devices require better networks. We are ideally placed to provide the intelligent network solutions to meet those needs. Our wireless solutions and our identity and access control policy platform are designed to provide a seamless user experience whilst implementing compliant and enhanced infrastructure security, all from a centralised point. Our wireless solutions allow organisations to give that connectivity to their own customers and to personalise their experience thanks to our identity and location management solutions. We now offer a great value proposition to our customers, with an integrated mix of fixed and mobile services, a strong professional services wrap and proven security features and we offer that in a cost effective way. During the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, we showed our ability to deliver very large scale projects combining all of those elements and we are now determined to put that expertise at the service of companies all over the world.”

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