Cofunds Uses UserReplay to Enhance its Award-winning Web Platform

Theale, UK - 23 July 2013

Session replay software gives faster resolution to site bug fixes and ecommerce disputes

British start-up, User Replay provides website session replay software to the UK’s largest independent financial services company, Cofunds. As a result of the investment, Cofunds (which is now part of Legal & General) has reduced the time required to resolve intermediaries’ issues with the site from weeks to hours, and it is able to do this with customer services rather than escalating to more costly developers at third level support. Moreover, issues over payment transactions have also reduced significantly since implementation.

Cofunds adopted UserReplay as part of its commitment to continually enhance customer service, and the performance of its web delivery platform. Peter Pearce, digital manager of Cofunds comments:

“In terms of tangible man-hour savings UserReplay paid for itself very quickly. However these savings are not the main benefit. Improving the quality of our platform, and providing excellent customer support are strategically important to Cofunds and the level of improvement achieved through the technology is significant.”

Resolving website issues

Prior to using UserReplay, when a customer called in with a perceived problem with the website, it was often difficult to determine whether the issue was a simple user error, or whether it was a genuine problem with the website. Fixing these glitches was interrupting and slowing other projects.

Now when an intermediary calls in, their journey can be instantly identified and replayed step-by-step. If the problem is simply a user error, the matter can be resolved immediately by the Customer Services team. When a genuine technical problem is found, it can be replicated, analysed and fixed at once, improving the website for future users.

Peter Pearce adds, “UserReplay takes the guesswork out of finding and fixing problems. Elapsed resolution times of a week have been reduced to hours. Our customers now experience fewer problems, and when they do occur we can resolve them rapidly.”

Monitoring transactions

Another key benefit to Cofunds has been where there are transaction queries. Where financial products are sold over the phone, calls are always recorded for the benefit of both parties; UserReplay brings the same protections to ecommerce transactions. As well as ensuring a fair outcome, session replay software massively reduces the amount of time spent on analysing what happened.

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