iLEVEL Announces Release 6.0

New York - 17 July 2013

Enhances Portfolio Monitoring, Adds Cash Transaction Monitoring and IRR Calculator

iLevel Solutions, the cloud-based software provider to alternative asset managers, today announced the immediate and general availability of iLEVEL 6.0. Five of the world’s eight largest private equity fund managers and leading firms in the middle-market use the iLEVEL cloud-based platform to automate data collection, analysis and reporting across 450 funds invested in 3,500 portfolio companies.

New and enhanced features of iLEVEL include:

  • Comprehensive reports and charts to track portfolio, fund, asset and asset segment exposure and performance
  • Enhancements to the iLEVEL web portal and to the iLEVEL web services infrastructure
  • New iGetAggregate and iGetIRR functions on the iLEVEL Excel Add-In to aggregate cash transactions and calculate IRRs

“Members of the iLEVEL Community rigorously tested the new release and are eager to leverage the enhanced platform to deliver more insightful portfolio reporting and to augment the richness of their data analytics,” said Lokesh Seth, CTO of iLEVEL Solutions. “Client demand led to the expansion of iLEVEL functionality to include aggregating and analyzing data on cash transactions between a fund manager and portfolio companies or between LPs and fund managers.”

The new iGetAggregate function aggregates transactions based on underlying cash transactions including investments and dividends from portfolio companies. The new iGetIRR formula calculates period-based and point-to-point IRRs. Together, these new functions allow iLEVEL clients to measure performance by strategy, vintage year, industry or custom time periods.

Just a few years ago many in the market felt their portfolio monitoring capabilities were sufficient until they saw what other firms were getting out of being on iLEVEL. Similarly, we expect to take cash transaction monitoring to the next level and by combining both of these important analytics in one platform, iLEVEL offers something truly unique and game changing,” said Rick Kushel, CEO of iLEVEL Solutions. “This milestone release also marks the beginning of a pilot program with institutional investors. We look forward to relating how LPs benefit from portfolio and cash transaction management.

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