Web Financial Group Partners with PredictWallStreet

New York - 16 July 2013

Web Financial Group, the leading global independent provider of financial data and applications, today announces its partnership with PredictWallStreet, the global online stock prediction community.

Having established a dominant role in the U.S., PredictWallStreet is expanding into European markets via this alliance. PredictWallStreet’s stock prediction technology is now live on the following Web Financial Group sites in Europe: Bolsamania.com, Digitallook.com, Cotizaciones.me, Investvalley.com, Onlinecharts.co, Proshareclubs.com, and Sharecast.com.

Through this alliance, PredictWallStreet now has access to comprehensive European market data delivered through Web Financial Group’s high-performance, proprietary, Market & Financial Data Solution (MFDS) platform in addition to launching its leading prediction technology to the largest financial portals in Europe and the UK.

PredictWallStreet’s online community consists of aggregated predictions from thousands of traders and investors that drives proprietary collective intelligence algorithms for daily forecasts on individual stocks and market indices.

“As the leading stock prediction community in the U.S., the next logical step in our development was to take our proven tools into new markets and make them available to global investors,” said Craig Kaplan, CEO of PredictWallStreet. He added, “Our partnership with Web Financial Group is an important step in our growth plan.”

PredictWallStreet’s patented prediction and forecasting technologies are designed to give ordinary investors a powerful edge in the market. By adding these tools to its financial media websites, Web Financial Group enhances the analytical toolset it makes available to improve investment decisions.

Julio Bueso, founder and CEO of Web Financial Group noted that, “We are always looking to augment our existing offerings for a better investor experience. We believe that PredictWallStreet’s innovative market data and analysis modules are a powerful addition to the toolset we provide to diligent investors.”

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