Cryptomathic CardInk upgrade allows NFC and mobile payments

11 July 2013

Cryptomathic has upgraded its CardInk EMV flagship issuing solution to enable customers to issue payment applications to smartphones and other mobile devices. The upgrade means CardInk can now support MasterCard’s Mobile PayPass technology and Visa Mobile requirements.

The ability to use a mobile device to make a near field communication (NFC) payment at the point-of-sale (PoS) or to transfer funds remotely is gaining widespread popularity across the globe, necessitating the Cryptomathic technology upgrade.

The extended functionality of CardInk, Cryptomathic’s EMV data preparation solution, allows users to generate the personalisation data for mobile wallet credentials and to securely issue NFC payment applications to smartphones, says the vendor. It uses the same systems as when issuing physical payment cards. Aligning CardInk to both MasterCard Mobile PayPass and Visa Mobile supports Cryptomathic’s customers in delivering mobile wallets that meet the standards of the international payment systems.

The CardInk enhancement is readily available to all customers - including card issuers, personalisation bureaux and data processors - leveraging the existing CardInk infrastructure. This delivers a simplified step towards securely issuing mobile wallets, where all data preparation is conducted within the secure CardInk environment, using robust cryptographic key management during the issuing process.

Commenting on the move, Martin Eriksen, CardInk Product Manager at Cryptomathic, said: “The industry has been talking about mobile NFC and remote payments for some time, and while we have seen many high profile brands announce their position to make this technology become a mass market reality, the landscape is still evolving and the infrastructure is still developing. Cryptomathic is committed to facilitating end-user payment choice and delighted to support its customers with the ability to easily integrate mobile payments into their offering.”

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