RP Solutions’ Remittance Processing Solution Helps Utility Company Reduce Processing Costs and Improve Customer Service

Ithaca, NY - 10 July 2013

RP Solutions Inc., an inspired remittance processing and electronic payments solutions provider has successfully implemented their remittance solution at a water utility agency, significantly reducing their processing costs and dramatically improving their customer service. California’s Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency (MRWPCA) operates the world's largest water recycling facility designed for raw food crop irrigation.

RP Solutions’ Check 21 solution has reduced MRWPCA’s processing costs by eliminating manual paper deposits, expensive daily courier costs and bank encoding fees. ExpertRPS automatically creates an ICL deposit file each day, which they transmit electronically to their bank. With the previous system, the entire staff was required to open and pre-sort the incoming mail. “Now it all just goes into one pile and ExpertRPS takes care of everything,” states Lindsay Synsteby, Customer Service Supervisor, MRWPCA. “It’s a huge improvement in our efficiency and transaction accuracy has improved dramatically.”

The former remittance solution had no archive, so responding to customer inquiries could be quite difficult. Oftentimes, MRWPCA had to tell customers to go back to their own bank for a copy of their check. Once MRWPCA implemented ExpertICE, RP Solutions’ archive and retrieval solution, they started keeping images of all the documents along with a complete history of all the transactions. “We use it all the time,” says Lindsay. “Everyone in customer service has access to ExpertICE and all our transactions are available online. This allows our reps to answer customer calls quickly.”

“As with many Utilities we work with, the desire to implement Check 21 was a primary factor that drove MRWPCA to replace their previous remittance processing solution,” said David B. Johnson, President, RP Solutions. “They completed a rigorous RFP process and selected us based on our responsiveness, years of experience and ability to meet their requirements.”

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