Helix Financial Systems Chosen By FTN Financial for Repo and Mortgage Businesses

New York - 6 February 2013

Helix Financial Systems, L.P. a leading provider of financial software systems, announced that FTN Financial Capital Markets, a division of First Tennessee National Bank, has selected HelixRepo for its Fixed Income Financing business and HelixMBS to automate allocation of Mortgage Back Securities (MBS) pools. HelixRepo delivers significant productivity improvements to FTN Financial by providing real-time collateral management functions, real-time access to inventory and transactional information as well as transparency into counterparty risk that was not previously available. By automating the To-Be-Announced (TBA) pool allocation process, HelixMBS is reducing fail costs and dramatically increasing the turnaround time.

“The Helix team worked closely with us throughout the platform implementation process to understand our business and ensure a flawless transition. It is clear that they understand our business and the level of service that they have provided is phenomenal,” said Bill Buck, Senior Vice President and Head of Operations at FTN Financial. “The automation capabilities and ease of managing TBA pools in HelixMBS help us perform tasks in seconds that previously used to require a manual process. Our repo traders can see all the relevant information for position management easily in one place, which helps increase productivity.”

“We are thrilled to be working with FTN Financial to help expand their trading operations,” said Todd Berlent, President of Helix Financial Systems. “What’s exciting for us at Helix is that FTN subscribed to both our HelixRepo and HelixMBS Allocator services simultaneously. Maintaining a close relationship between our teams enabled us to provide them with a high level of client service throughout the implementation process.”

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