James Hollis of Cutter Associates is New Leader for Group Addressing Investment Industry Ethics

Boston, MA - 27 February 2013

The CFA Institute recently appointed James E. Hollis, CFA, to chair its Standards of Practice Council (SPC). The SPC maintains the Institute’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct, which are the foundation of several globally recognized exams and ethics codes.

Hollis is passionate about ethics in finance. “I and the CFA Institute realize that banks and financial services firms are ranked near the bottom in the public’s trust. We’re taking ambitious steps to restore investor and public confidence in the ethics of the profession.” Hollis and the SPC are currently updating the 10th edition of the CFA Standards of Practice Handbook, and tackling many ethical issues including capital markets integrity, quantitative finance, insider information, and market manipulation. They are also looking at the ethical implications of new technologies, such as high frequency trading driven by computer algorithms.

Hollis is also a managing director of Cutter Associates in Rockland, Massachusetts, where he expects to have further conversations concerning ethical issues in financial services issues with the Cutter Associates community.

Since 1985, Hollis has served many roles at the CFA Institute, including several positions with GIPS administration and on the CFA Institute Board of Governors. Mr. Hollis has also served on the board and as President of the Investment Advisers Association (IAA).

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