Giesecke & Devrient is Securing Mobile Life: in Cars, in Payments, and in the Cloud

Munich, Germany - 19 February 2013

In the future, cars will increasingly be equipped with emergency call functions or infotainment applications – and these systems rely on the vehicle being connected to the mobile network. Giesecke & Devrient (G&D), together with two German automakers and four international network operators, will be demonstrating at this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) how network-operator-specific information (subscriber data) can be installed in a tailored, secure way via the mobile network at the time of vehicle delivery and later amended. With “Securing Mobile Life” as its motto, G&D will also be presenting other solutions that make life in the digital world more secure. Taking the example of mobile payment, G&D will be presenting its multi-application NFC SIM card, its interoperable mobile wallet and its TSM service, which enables secure installation of payment applications on cellphones. Further highlights include managed services for the secure roll-out of sensitive smartphone apps and a concept for how to use open cloud-based storage services such as Dropbox in a secure way.

G&D is focusing in particular on the following topics:

  • In the area of Subscription Management/M2M, G&D will be demonstrating the secure remote personalization and activation of embedded SIMs using the company’s own SmartTrust® AirOn™ subscription management platform. G&D will also be presenting a series of possible applications for mobile network operators. One example, which G&D will illustrate by way of a feasibility study, shows how a local network operator subscription can be securely loaded onto an embedded SIM in a car’s telematics module, personalized, then removed again to be replaced by another.
  • Secure lifecycle management of NFC applications: In the area of NFC and TSM services, G&D will be showing how service providers can use TSM (Trusted Service Manager) solutions to achieve the highest level of security in transmitting and personalizing NFC applications via the mobile network (over the air, OTA). G&D will also be demonstrating all aspects of NFC payment, from the multi-application NFC SIM card and the SmartTrust® Portigo™ digital wallet to the secure installation of payment applications on cellphones. The digital wallet received the CARTES 2012 payments trade show’s SESAMES Award in the e-transactions category.
  • Management of secure apps: G&D will be presenting a solution for enhanced smartphone app security that helps service providers to develop and launch secure applications designed to run in what is known as a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). As Trusted Service Manager (TSM), G&D transmits the security-relevant components of security-sensitive smartphone apps in multiple-encrypted form via the mobile network to a protected area of the mobile device’s processor, installs the application, and takes on responsibility for managing the entire lifecycle.
  • Secure cloud storage: G&D will also be presenting a concept for how to combine the flexibility of open storage platforms already on the market, such as Dropbox, with companies’ extremely high security requirements. G&D has opted for hardware-based encryption and developed a smartphone and tablet app that overlays existing storage services. To encode the data, the app uses a key that is stored in a secure element such as a SIM card on the mobile device. This ensures all data are encrypted on the device, before they are transferred to the cloud, so that neither the cloud provider nor other unauthorized parties can read the protected data.

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