MORS Software reports implementation of MORS Counterparty Risk module for monitoring global counterparty exposures in intra-day

Helsinki - 14 February 2013

  • A leading European bank to monitor global counterparty credit exposures in intra-day
  • Intra-day monitoring of exposures against banks and corporates (i.e. large exposures) against limits
  • Regulatory compliant reporting of large exposures (Basel, EBA)

MORS Software reports implementation of MORS Counterparty Risk module for intra-day monitoring of global counterparty credit exposures in a leading European bank.

MORS Counterparty Risk module enables the bank to monitor and report the exposures against banks as well as any other counterparties, such as corporates, in intra-day. MORS Counterparty Risk module calculates the counterparty exposures on contract level against limits in real-time. It aggregates data from multiple source systems with real-time feeds which enable on-demand reporting producing up-to-date information for decision making. In reverse, all data can be drilled down to a contract level. For business needs, MORS Counterparty Risk module also includes information on counterparties in group structures and gives information on the consolidated exposures. These reporting practices are already aligned with the Basel Committee’s ‘Principles for effective data aggregation and risk reporting’ issued in January 2013.

MORS Counterparty Risk module enables our client to monitor and report the counterparty exposures against limits in intra-day. With MORS Counterparty Risk module, the bank is able to answer all ad-hoc questions that arise within the organisation about exposures, especially the most meaningful and large exposures, as they can see the current exposures against any counterparty at any given time point even on a global level,” said Mika Mustakallio, CEO, MORS Software.

“The current turbulent market situation has created a need for information on counterparty exposures to be obtained in real-time on a daily and ad-hoc basis. In sudden changes of market conditions, the information on exposures needs to be available instantly for optimal business decision making. In addition, the EBA has drafted reporting requirements for large exposures to come into effect in 2013 / 2014, and we are glad to have provided our client with a solution that also meets these reporting requirements.

MORS Counterparty Risk module can be expanded to enable monitoring and reporting capabilities for different kinds of concentrations of risk, intra-day nostro balances and limits, and historical trend analysis.”

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