Flux Shows How to Deploy New Financial Service Offerings Quickly

12 February 2013

New white paper introduces Fluxlets, financial software building blocks that allow you to deploy new service offerings quickly.

Today, Flux released a new white paper, "Deploying New Financial Service Offerings Quickly".

Fluxlets, the subject of the white paper, are financial software building blocks that allow you to deploy new service offerings quickly. Using Fluxlets combined with the Flux file orchestration platform, you can roll out well-tested and reliable services such as:

  • File Receipt and Acknowledgement: Register the receipt of a file and send an acknowledgement of receipt.
  • File Publishing: Files are accumulated over time or until a threshold is reached, at which time the accumulated files are archived or otherwise processed.
  • File Forwarder: Files are forwarded, with their contents unchanged, to another location for subsequent processing.
  • File Ingester: Incoming files are 'ingested' into a database, information warehouse, or archive, perhaps after some transcoding or other kind of processing.
  • File Workflow Provisioning: File workflow provisioning, sometimes called onboarding, is a mechanism to collect information regarding a customer and process that information to set up a subscription delivered in the form of files.

Fluxlets are small reusable orchestrations built atop the Flux platform. While the amount of effort to develop such orchestrations is small as compared to custom code development, the power and sophistication of a Fluxlet can be quite extensive.

Flux's integration to databases, web services, mail servers, FTP and file transfer services, and Flux's extensibility (via Java) allows the creation of complex orchestrations in very short timeframes.

"Fluxlets represent the next step in creating new services more quickly and with more flexibility to meet changing customer demands," said Dave Sims, Founder and CEO of Flux.

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