SunGard’s MyRetirement Helps Advisors Find Their Clients’ Sustainable Withdrawal Rate

11 February 2013

SunGard has released MyRetirement, an analytic tool that helps advisors answer the often elusive yet crucial question many clients ask - “How much can I safely spend during retirement?” - by helping clients achieve a sustainable withdrawal rate. MyRetirement helps advisors clearly communicate the tradeoffs between clients’ chosen investments, establish confidence levels in meeting retirement goals, and determine a safe withdrawal rate to sustain clients’ standards of living throughout their retirement years.

“Advisors need a better way to address their clients’ concerns about retirement savings and spending. SunGard’s MyRetirement helps advisors provide a clear, realistic view of their clients’ ability to fund their retirement years and guide them toward their goals.” – Nate Call, vice president of product management, SunGard’s wealth & retirement administration business

A web-based component of SunGard’s WealthStation Financial Planning, MyRetirement combines probability tools with Monte Carlo analyses to illustrate annual withdrawal rates from multiple model portfolios at different probabilities of success. It presents the information in chart and table formats to help clients compare and understand the following:

  • Pre-retirement and retirement portfolios
  • Retirement cash flow
  • Projected assets at retirement
  • Asset conversion to retirement income
  • Retirement budget, retirement income, and current net income comparisons

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