Telefonica trialing latest NFC system in Czech Republic

29 August 2013

Spanish communications provider Telco Telefonica will pilot a new mobile point-of-sale system in the Czech Republic that supports NFC payments.

The new scheme will be application and card reader-based and is down for a September 2013 introduction.

According to the company, the mPOS2 trial will allow small merchants to use a card reader from Ingenico and an app found on iOS, Android and Windows.

Retailers in the Czech Republic will enter the amount to be paid into the app and then the customer inputs their confirmation using a variety of methods.

They can either swipe a Visa or MasterCard mag-strip card, use an EMV chip card with a PIN or utilise a contactless card or NFC-enabled mobile phone for small purchases.

Merchants will pay a 2.79 per cent transaction fee during the pilot and Ceskoslovenska obchodni banka will clear all payments.

Josef Puczok, business development manager at Telefonica, said: "Telefonica Czech isn't a value-added reseller in this case. We are the product developer and owner, cooperating with the acquiring bank [and] supporting our customers [for] the settlement."

By Gary Cooper

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