eBAM Timeline Viewer Now Available

27 August 2013

Flux announced that its new eBAM timeline is available today.

You can download it HERE.

What is it? The Flux eBAM timeline is a time-oriented, interactive slideshow specifically addressing the need to educate and brief staff on key eBAM events and documents.

Why? Researching the current state and heritage of eBAM can be a daunting task. The Flux eBAM timeline provides a high-level overview of the eBAM industry, as well as providing a starting point for deeper research into specific topics and areas of interest.

Bank treasury product managers and corporate treasury staff can quickly ramp up their understanding of eBAM through Flux’s timeline of key eBAM events and documents

What is eBAM? eBAM (Electronic Bank Account Management) replaces tiresome, lengthy, and slow paper-based processes with electronic efficiencies, reducing human errors, speeding up response times, and providing greater transparency into bank and corporate operations.

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