CAMT cash management formats integrated into SAP offerings by Hanse Orga

2 August 2013

The new cash management (CAMT) standardised formats are expected to receive a boost from the impending migration end date of 1 February 2014 for the single euro payments area (SEPA) next year and are already being adopted by vendors, as illustrated by Hanse Orga integrating CAMT into their SAP-ready Account Statement Manager product.

The integration means corporate clients can now process the CAMT formats more easily over their SAP systems. Specifically, the file formats CAMT.053.001.02 national Germany, CAMT.053.001.03 international, BAI2 and MT940/MT942 messaging are supported. For processing CAMT formats, it is possible to convert them into MT940 file formats as well.

In addition, the new software enables the importing of account statements in the different formats into a Hanse Orga-specific meta structure. In this IT architecture, account statement items can be enriched with further useful information for treasurers or other end users. Subsequently, the statements can be split according to company-specific requirements, regrouped and routed by company codes or accounts. This will enable all parts of the company to receive relevant information reliably and in real-time.

Additional functionalities include a technical plausibility and compatibility check of formats; logical validation of account statement information; as well as the filtering and logging of erroneous account statements and a shared display of all statements.

“The Account Statement Manager is an ideal tool that is fit for the SEPA future and enables companies to easily process the new account statement formats,” said Sven Lindemann, chief executive of Hanse Orga.

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