Paragon Web FASTest Provides ePayment Testing Hub for Ukrainian Processing Center

14 August 2013

Ukrainian Processing Center (UPC), the leading provider of ePayment processing and outsourcing in the Ukraine, recently chose Web FASTest from Paragon Application Systems, for their ePayment testing platform. UPC selected Web FASTest because it was the only solution that provided a centralized, web-based testing platform for use by UPC customers, vendors and internal users for certification testing, function and regression testing, and development of new ISO 8583 financial message interfaces.

Web FASTest is the hub of UPC’s testing and development program. UPC Member Banks conduct online pre-certification testing and online certification using Web FASTest. Outside developers use the software development kit in Web FASTest to develop and test their own ISO 8583 financial message formats. Internal users employ Web FASTest for functional testing and plan to use it for regression testing, stress testing and building detailed testing reports.

“Conducting bank and client certifications host-to-host with Web FASTest has reduced the time required by our test engineers for customer support,” says Vladislav Huzov, Head of New Technologies for UPC. “During the certification process banks and clients are able to analyze the results of test cases and identify and correct errors without any significant involvement by the UPC test engineers.”

“With Web FASTest we have developed a new approach to interact with our outsourced software vendor, “adds Huzov. “We prepare all the necessary tests and detailed test descriptions in advance and our vendor connects with Web FASTest to test their code. As a result, at the end of the development process we have stable code and the testing process takes less time.”

Paragon has worked collaboratively with UPC to make the Web FASTest product stronger. UPC needed an easier way to organize their tests for internal users as well as outside customers and vendors. To address this need, Paragon created a folder structure for organizing transaction sets into groups through the use of labels. Now UPC can group transaction sets using labels, create hierarchies of transaction sets by adding labels inside of labels, and set up transactions sets under a label for specific testing groups. This allows them to easily organize their tests and testing data.

“We believe that Web FASTest has a great future and the UPC professional team would like to help make it as complete and competitive as possible,” says Huzov. “Most of our proposals for improving Web FASTest focus on creating a more friendly interface and optimizing the simulator so it works with a large amount of financial message formats and multiple types of tests including regression, certification, stress testing and more.”

“We are very pleased to have Ukrainian Processing Center as our first Web FASTest user in Eastern Europe,” says Doug Daggett, EMEA Sales Manager for Paragon Application Systems. “Web FASTest is a powerful and unique web-based testing tool that enables payment processors such as UPC to have a real-time view of their entire ePayment testing operations. With Web FASTest, the ability for collaboration amongst users has never been greater, and you always have real-time visibility into what all your testers are doing. The end result is increased efficiency, more knowledge and increased control in ePayment testing operations.”

"We view ourselves as a partner in UPC's development efforts,” says Mark Medlin, Vice President and co-founder of Paragon Application Systems. “They include our team in their processes so we can collaboratively ensure that Web FASTest meets their needs within their timeframes. In addition they've provided fantastic ‘real world’ feedback that just cannot be acquired without real users performing real work. We find great value in the collaborative nature of our relationship.”

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