Open GI whitepaper identifies how to improve click-to-sale ratios

28 September 2012

Conversion of leads obtained from aggregators can be significantly improved if brokers adopt a number of simple measures, according to a new whitepaper from Open GI.

Brokers receive high volumes of leads from aggregator sites but quite often experience low click-to-sale ratios. With input from brokers, aggregators and industry experts, the paper highlights a number of strategic recommendations for brokers to adopt. These range from brokers making the most of analytics for their website and to optimise the customer journey from quote-to-buy, either via a call centre or through an e-commerce site.

The whitepaper can be downloaded for free from Open GI’s website.

Helen Barker, Operations Director, Open GI, said: “Many aggregators provide web portals that have useful statistics that can provide a valuable insight into opportunities and areas for improvement. Reviewing this information regularly is essential to identify necessary actions.”

Simon Hughes, Sales and Marketing Director, Open GI, commented: “Monitoring factors such as operator and online performance is crucial in ensuring that the customer journey is optimised. Between 20-30% of aggregator business is completed via the telephone, so it is vital that brokers have the capacity to deal with the potential volume of calls associated with this. For example, ensuring there is a queuing mechanism in place for calls can avoid losing valuable customers.”

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