Attra is now CMMI Level 3 certified

India - 26 September 2012

Attra, a leading IT Solutions and Service Provider with its focus in Banking, Finance and Payments industry proudly announces that it has been assessed by Software Engineering Institute (SEI) to be compliant with Level 3 of the ‘Capability Maturity Model® Integration’ (CMMI).

Capability Maturity Model Integration, abbreviated as CMMI, is a proprietary model of the Software Engineering Institute – SEI, established by Carnegie Melon University of USA. This initiative was undertaken with the primary intention of ensuring the Quality of software that is being delivered to customers by appraising an Organization’s processes against maturity levels ranging from Defined (level 3) to Optimized(level 5). Today, this methodology is considered the norm within the software development IT industry.

SEI has several CMMI models and the two models that are most relevant to the IT industry are: CMMI for Development V1.3 and CMMI for Services V1.3. The two models correspond to complete lifecycles for Development, Testing and Services projects. SEI provides companies to be appraised against each CMMI model individually; however since November 2011, SEI has allowed software development companies to undertake a Bi-Model appraisal for both CMMI for Development V 1.3 and CMMI for Service V 1.3 and with very stringent standards.

Attra has selected KPMG as the SEI accredited Institution to perform the due appraisal process up to Level 5.

Improving on the standard practice of getting appraised on a single model, Attra has taken up the challenge of Bi-model appraisal against its three proprietary service lifecycles namely, SDLC- Software Development Life Cycle for development projects , STLC -Software Testing Life Cycle for testing projects and SILC- Software Incidence Life Cycle for Service projects including Maintenance Support and Production Support. The decision involves further challenges of getting appraised not only Bi-model but also Multi-site for both the Melbourne and Bangalore sites.

Having made a decision to go the CMMI way, Attra has developed a well-structured two year plan to achieve the status of SEI appraised SCAMPI A Level 5, Bi-model Multi-site appraisal.

Attra has now completed its first mile stone of being appraised as CMMI SCAMPI A Level 3 Bi-Model, Multi Site. It is a significant achievement that Attra has achieved the Level 3 maturity milestone within six months of commencing the journey and is testimony to Attra’s well established quality processes and maturity of its Quality Management system.

Key highlights of Attra’s journey towards CMMI:

  • CMMI Bi-Model Appraisal SCAMPI A by SEI CMMI for Development V 1.3 and CMMI for Service V 1.3
  • One of the first in the industry to undertake the Bi-Model with Multi-Site (Both Bangalore and Melbourne for Development and Services).
  • CMMI Multi-Site Appraisal SCAMPI A by SEI
  • Complying with ITIL Processes
  • According to KPMG, Attra has the shortest life cycle CMMI SCMAPI A level 3 Appraisal of 5 months.

On this occasion Prasad Guntupalli, Co-founder & CEO quoted “This is indeed proud moment for us and a testimony to our established Quality Process Maturity in practice even before we embarked on the CMMI journey. Congratulations to the Attra Quality & the Delivery teams and everyone involved in running this marathon at a sprint speed!”

Attra has initiated the next steps in this endeavour and is expected to be appraised for CMMI Level 5 SCAMPI B by January 2013.

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