Compass Plus helps Quipu achieve 100% service availability

Nottingham, UK - 19 September 2012

Quipu’s clients have benefitted from zero unscheduled downtime in 2012

Compass Plus, the global payments software provider, today announced it has helped Quipu, a third party processing centre, to achieve 100 per cent service availability in 2012 to date.

Quipu has been running its processing centre on Compass Plus’ TranzWare applications since 2004 and delivers processing services to 17 banks within the ProCredit Group around the world. 100 per cent availability has ensured Quipu’s bank clients are able to provide their customers with unrivalled service reliability.

Quipu achieved ISO 20.000 certification in 2010. As part of the certification, Quipu was required to collect and closely monitor the service uptime for customers against their SLAs from January 1st 2011.

To provide fault-tolerance in case the primary processing complex experiences downtime, Quipu set up a Disaster Recovery Centre in early 2011. The Disaster Recovery Centre mirrors the primary processing complex and holds a synchronized copy of the database which enables the rapid restart of the system to minimize downtime.

Since the beginning of 2011, Quipu has collected their KPI reports. They achieved 99.96 per cent service uptime during that year (taking into account scheduled and unscheduled downtime). In 2011, taking into account only unscheduled downtime, the average monthly service uptime was 99.99 per cent and in 2012 it reached an astonishing 100 per cent. The achievement is made more remarkable due to Quipu’s global reach, working across eleven time zones with numerous and often conflicting peak processing times.

“We have made a commitment to our customers: that their account-holders can use payment services at any time of day, every day of the year without interruption and inconvenience,” said Bjoern Pysall, Quality Manager at Quipu. “The outstanding performance and reliability of Compass Plus’ TranzWare platform has helped us to fulfil this promise to customers by delivering 100 per cent service availability.”

“Today consumers expect to be able to access and use services instantly and at any time. Ensuring services experience minimal downtime is essential in building and sustaining consumer confidence and trust,” said Maria Nottingham, CMO at Compass Plus. “By working closely with the highly skilled staff at Quipu, we have raised the bar for the industry in terms of service availability.”

TranzWare can help increase service availability with its layered approach whereby the fault-tolerance features of hardware, operating systems, the database and TranzWare itself are all utilized in conjunction with one another to enable high availability.

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