Alfresco Introduces First Sync Platform for Enterprise Content

London - 17 September 2012

New Platform Solves ‘Dropbox Problem’ by Combining the Agility of the Cloud with the Power of ECM

Alfresco today announced first-of-its-kind enterprise sync technology that extends information lifecycles beyond the firewall barriers to let enterprises rapidly build extranets, collaborate with customers and simplify employees’ access with mobile devices. With new devices, more types of content and an increasingly mobile workforce, organizations are more frequently out of sync and continue to struggle with enterprise content chaos. Alfresco's new platform-based sync solution empowers employees to collaborate freely both within the office and outside the firewall on any device. More importantly, IT leaders regain control of all corporate content in a way that no other enterprise or cloud-only solution can deliver today.

Until now, organizations have needed to access internal systems externally or use disconnected cloud services to collaborate outside the firewall. Alfresco is the only solution that can connect people, content, systems and processes securely on both sides of the firewall, enabling IT departments to provide a seamless experience for the confidential content they can't put in the cloud. With Alfresco, a true secure extranet for business-to-business collaboration is now a reality.

“Users have been turning to consumer cloud technologies, but this is creating significant risks for the organization,” explained Melissa Webster, program vice president, Content & Digital Media Technologies at IDC. “What's needed is a solution that lets users collaborate with others outside the organization in a secure way – one that gives users access to content from their mobile devices – while at the same time giving IT the controls it needs to ensure business critical content is protected."

As the trusted and proven enterprise leader in enterprise content management (ECM) with more than 2,800 enterprise customers and seven million users, Alfresco is the only customizable enterprise content platform that lets users access the tools they need to be more productive, while at the same time providing CIOs and IT managers with a consistent mobile experience on both sides of the firewall.

“The trend of the ‘consumerized enterprise’ has led to other vendor solutions that focus and address consumer needs, not those of the enterprise. Unfortunately, this industry trend has created content chaos and companies are demanding a better alternative,” said John Powell, CEO of Alfresco. “We are distinctly positioned to create the next phase of ECM to bring seamless synchronization to the market with Alfresco that is enterprise-proven, IT-tested and business consumer-approved.”

In order to deliver the power of ECM with the agility of the cloud, Alfresco is introducing a new bundled subscription called Alfresco One. The Alfresco One enterprise subscription includes:

  • Alfresco Enterprise – A comprehensive, scalable, robust and feature-rich ECM platform to govern the content that will never leave the organization. From simple document management to rigorous records management, Alfresco integrates with all existing enterprise systems.
  • Alfresco Enterprise Cloud Network – A secure, corporately controlled SaaS cloud service. It provides the ability to invite colleagues to a cloud site from outside the organization to further collaborate and takes advantage of share features that include document access control.
  • Alfresco Enterprise Sync – First-of-kind technology that allows employees to select documents and folders from Alfresco Enterprise and sync them to Alfresco in the cloud. With this new functionality, there’s no longer a need to worry about where a document was last updated – in the office or the cloud. With Alfresco Enterprise Sync, all files are synchronized across locations making Alfresco the world’s only ECM platform with seamless cloud sync.
  • Alfresco Desktop Sync (beta) – This new feature provides the ability to seamlessly sync between files saved to the desktop, cloud site or on-premise solution. It will be generally available in November with unlimited deployment.
  • Alfresco Mobile – Native iOS apps that provide secure access to employees through the device of choice. Users can now choose to work through a web browser, tablet or smartphone while IT remains in control of the content.
  • Enhanced Encryption and Security - Content is encrypted in the cloud when being accessed on tablets and smartphones, reducing risk in case a device is lost or stolen.

"As an existing Alfresco Enterprise customer, we look forward to extending the robust ECM capabilities that we've come to rely on with Alfresco to now sync beyond the firewall," said Arno Hagen, IT Solution Architect at Leica Geosystems. "We’re eager to try Alfresco's new Enterprise Sync feature to connect our R&D department to our research development partners outside the firewall without having to compromise our confidential internal content and systems. Alfresco's new solution will let us to do this in an efficient and seamless way that meets the security needs of our organization."

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