SGGG Announces Portfolio Cloud for Hedge Funds

Toronto, ON - 12 September 2012

SGGG Portfolio Systems, a leading provider of technology to start-up and established hedge funds, today announced the availability of the SGGG Portfolio Cloud. The offering provides a cloud-based system for real-time trade order management with integrated portfolio management. The benefit of a cloud system is that it can be accessed from anywhere and requires minimal configuration at the client's premises.

By utilizing a global cloud infrastructure, the Portfolio Cloud is able to combine the responsiveness of a desktop application with the flexibility and ease of deployment of the cloud.

Hedge funds use the Portfolio Cloud for the entire trading and portfolio management process - to send trade orders to dealers, keep track of trades and portfolios, and interface with their custodians. The system has pre-configured connections to numerous electronic trading systems and custodians.

The Portfolio Cloud is provided on a subscription basis. Sophisticated features such as FIX messaging (an industry-wide protocol for sending and receiving trade orders

electronically) and automated position reconciliation usually require considerable network and software configuration. The cloud offering provides this functionality for any fund, even those without on-site IT personnel. Clients in different parts of the world connect to the Portfolio Cloud access point closest to them. There are currently four Portfolio Cloud access points globally, with additional access points planned.

Dan Rissin, CEO of SGGG Portfolio Systems, notes, "Effective order management requires real-time data and real-time responsiveness. By providing a cloud access point close to our customer's location we can provide the required performance with all the benefits of cloud deployment - cost, ease of deployment and access to upgrades."

The Portfolio Cloud provides leading hedge fund software that can be ready to run in a matter of days, compared with months for similar systems. Ongoing support and upgrade costs are minimized through integrated remote support.

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