SmartCo Broadens Global Footprint

11 September 2012

SmartCo, leading provider of an end-to-end Enterprise Data Management software platform dedicated to the financial services community, is proud to announce strong revenue growth over the last 12 months. The acquisition of new clients in the United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Switzerland, and France highlights the strength of the offering and efficiency of the SmartCo organization. The clients are among the leading investment banks, security services and global asset managers.

Pascal Mougin, the CEO of SmartCo, states: “The excellent track record of SmartCo to deploy on-time and on-budget while fulfilling the scope of our client’s enterprise initiatives in highly-demanding projects is one of the most important successes of the company. We continue to provide business users, data stewards and technologists an intuitive and configurable data management platform that increases transparency and productivity of reference and market data throughout the lifecycle”.

SmartCo provides a global, best-in-class, end-to-end Enterprise Data Management (EDM) solution for financial institutions. The SmartCo DataHub adapts to clients' evolving requirements while revolutionizing how users precisely define, acquire, transform, consolidate, enrich and distribute critical reference and market data. The innovative technology, scalability and true flexibility of SmartCo DataHub makes data unified for consumption across the enterprise. SmartCo has earned global recognition as a trusted market leader delivering out-of-the-box comprehensive financial data repositories with extendable data models for: Security Master File, Pricing, Corporate Actions, Business Entities, Indices & Benchmarks, Funds & Mandates, Transactions, Positions, Risk data, Accounts and more. SmartCo DataHub can run on any relational database and operating system. SmartCo’s clients with the highest volumes and the most complex requirements especially benefit from the open system architecture and clustering capabilities for all platforms, including Linux, providing highly available, highly scalable and cost effective systems.

Director of Sales for SmartCo in North America Michael Fix explains: “The answer to data management today is more complex than just centralizing basic Security Master Files & Pricing. Evolving requirements to master data content from across the enterprise like Client, Counterparty, Accounts, Index & Benchmark is critical. The ability to have one normalized platform to acquire, centralize, administrate and distribute all financial data increases operational efficiency, identifies data redundancy, mitigates risk and centralizes data residing in disparate silos. Couple that with rich data quality controls and an organization can quickly meet the internal and external regulatory requirements present today.

Stephan Läuchli, Managing Director at Fingance, a SmartCo exclusive partner in Switzerland expands upon growth opportunity: “SmartCo is breaking into new markets with Tier 1wins. The sophisticated SmartCo DataHub is critical for modern system architectures in the financial services industry. The most demanding organizations can benefit very quickly from the adaptable data model, customized rules dictionary and connectivity engine providing a highly scalable, open architecture to solve today’s problems with a platform for tomorrow”.

With the recent acquisitions, SmartCo is now the only independent and international solution provider with cutting-edge technologies in this space. From Pascal Mougin: “The recent consolidation of the market is excellent news for SmartCo to continue to be trusted by its current and future clients to provide a focussed solution and roadmap dedicated to solving enterprise data management across the financial services community”.

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