Everything Everywhere rebrands as EE as its launches 4G in UK

11 September 2012

The Orange and T-Mobile conglomerate Everything Everywhere has rebranded as EE as part of its unveiling of a new 4G broadband service for the UK.

The new EE brand will be used to deliver superfast access via a new fibre broadband service now available to UK customers at home, as well as 4G speeds to mobile phone customers. The remaining two brands will survive, with T-Mobile expected to be its value offering and Orange reserved for the more aspirational customer.

The EE fourth generation service has been enabled by the regulator Ofcom allowing the company to repurpose its existing 1800 MHz 2G spectrum, now that space has been opened up in the UK after the switching off of analogue TV signals. Service speeds should improve by a factor of five.

The UK capital city of London, plus Cardiff, Birmingham and Bristol, will be the Launchpad for the new 4G service, with 12 more cities to follow by Christmas, says EE, including Manchester, Glasgow and Leeds. The service is expected to be available to 20 million people by year end. The company added it wants to reach 70% of the UK population in 2013 and 98% the year after, with only small isolated rural populations remaining outside the fourth generation service.

“Today we launch a new company, a new network and a new brand for Britain,” said Olaf Swantee, chief executive of EE. “Our plans to revolutionise the UK communications market with a faster network and an exciting new brand for the digital age are built on solid investment and a simple belief that customers deserve better.

“We look forward to connecting the country with superfast mobile speeds in the coming weeks, months and years. It starts today, with the announcement of our new business, our new brand and a new digital infrastructure that our company, our customers and the country can be proud of.”

EE confirmed it is to launch 4G devices with phone manufacturers such as Samsung, Nokia and HTC, although unfounded rumours persist that it may also have a tie-up with Apple’s iPhone 5 which is due to launch tomorrow. For now, the following 4G devices are available on EE’s 4G service:

• Samsung Galaxy SIII LTE – comes with a 4.8 inch HD Super AMOLED display for watching videos on your mobile, plus the handset has an innovative ‘Smart Stay’ function that automatically recognises when you are looking at the phone, maintaining a bright display for continued viewing pleasure.

• Nokia Lumia 920 – the flagship Nokia smartphone comes with the Windows Phone 8 operating system (OS).

• Nokia Lumia 820 – comes with a 4.3 inch OLED WVGA screen, an 8 megapixel auto focus camera, and wireless charging unit.

• The HTC One XL – comes with a 4.7 inch high definition (HD) touchscreen display and video.

• Huawei Ascend P1 LTE – a dual-core processor is packed in this handset’s slim design, alongside HD video functionality and a 4.3 inch high-res touchscreen.

• Huawei E589 Mobile WiFi – with this customers can hook up to five devices to the 4G network, says EE, making your existing phone, laptop or digital screen superfast even if they’re not 4G. A long battery life of up to 10 hours is also available.

• Huawei E392 Mobile Broadband stick – customers can download and upload documents and files in super quick time on the go with this device, says EE. It makes your laptop mobile and superfast, by hooking it up to the EE network. It is compatible with 3G too and can seamlessly switch to the optimal connection.

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